Nemo update #2 | Why settle for standard?

Standard will get you where you need to go. But will it get you where you WANT to go?
Standard will get you where you need to go. But will it get you where you WANT to go?

Nemo update:  still digging out, but no more additional accumulation. The real fun now? Giant snowbanks, especially at intersections. Also, digging out your car safely, meaning: UNBLOCK THE TAILPIPE.

And of course, it’s not a Boston blizzard blog post without the requisite parking space saver photo:

Pats tailgate? No. But that’s usually where one would see those chairs next to cars. However, in Boston and some surrounding neighborhoods, these make the statement: “Don’t pahk hee-ah!” if chairs spoke in menacing Boston accents.

Don’t be the standard. Be the paradigm

I’m a big Seinfeld fan. The show was funny because the situations were realistic and the dialogue was similar to what we all wanted to say (if we were funny).  It not only set the new standard on comedy, but it became “the new paradigm”, the model by which all others try to replicate. Over time, the paradigm becomes the new standard (i.e. copycats). That’s when new paradigms emerge to set the new standards.

That concept is explained in one part of the season finale of Jerry Seinfeld’s Web-series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”. In this episode, Jerry reconnects with Michael Richards (Kramer), who had fallen off the radar since his unfortunate racist rant onstage during a performance from a few years ago that almost ended his career.

Looks like Michael Richards is back in action. He didn’t accept accept failure as the game ender. He just used it as an opportunity to learn and get ready for his next shot.

PS– Speaking of shots…The Walking Dead is back tonight. And if you just realized that from this post…then I have done my job.

Failure means getting eaten by zombies in “The Walking Dead”. So get back up if you don’t want to get eaten.

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