2 valuable lessons that fishing can teach you

People with fish painted on their faces looking fishy.
“So, how did you two meet?”

I’ve loved fishing all of my life.

But do I know what I’m doing? No, and not surprisingly I don’t catch many fish.

But luckily, thanks to Groupon, I found Charles River Charters, a school that teaches freshwater fishing techniques in the Boston area.

They also offer other cool classes and services like photography classes, boat cruises, leaf peeping, etc.

The deal I purchased was $89 for 1 hour of fishing instruction plus 3 hours of river bank fishing.

In my excitement to increase my enjoyment and knowledge of this great sport, I was inspired to write this blog post.

1. Someday, you will get caught and eaten.

Yeah, this kind of skeeves me out, too.

The typical ending for quite a few fish is to get eaten by a quicker, more sophisticated being (and sometimes by a dude like me).

So hopefully that fish had a fun life, did everything it wanted to do, and was happy. Because when it’s over, that’s it. Pass the homemade tartar sauce.

2. It’s not a mistake if you learn something.

It’s not a mistake if you learned something from it. Then it’s just a “lesson”.

Maybe if the fish made good choices, like not falling for easy bait, then it would not have met its demise.

Or if it recognized patterns, such as when the fishing school students are fishing, then it would extend its life and happiness.

Do you like fishing?
What do you like to do for fun and excitement?

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