5 amazing (but true!) things you didn’t know about blogging


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When I first started blogging, I didn’t know what to expect.

How would I? I hadn’t blogged before!

However, as I blogged more, I discovered 5 amazing truths about blogging.

5. It’s Easier than you think!

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Think about what you LOVE to do.

Don’t think too hard. Otherwise you don’t love it that much.

For me, it’s a no-brainer. I love to write.

And since I love to write, then I figured I might as well write in a blog and share my knowledge with others.

As I learn more about blogging, then I will write more about it in this blog.

Like a lot of things in life, the biggest challenge in blogging is just getting started.

It gets easier as you learn and gain more experience through practice, trying new things, and seeing what works.

Not just in life, but in blogging as well!

4. You can make money with your blog!

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Sometimes people might ask each other, “How can I make money online with a blog?

The answer to that is simple.

The hard part is finding the answer!

The three most popular methods for making money online are:

  • Selling a product or service
  • Joining affiliate marketing programs and placing monetized banner ads and links on your website
  • Using your blog to make your next career move

You might come up with your own unique and creative way to make money with your blog. How?

That’s for YOU to figure out.

3. You can write about whatever you want!

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Ever wanted to state your opinion on something, then support that opinion with factual information?

Well, you can do that…in a blog!

Sure, you may get an occasional email or comment saying you are wrong, but whatever! That’s not going on the blog, right?

So feel free to write whatever you want, that’s what a blog is for!

But just like with anything in life, you always need to back up everything you say, otherwise what good is it?

2. You are a creative person!

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People who say they are not creative are just not creative at being creative.

And since they can’t get past that, then that becomes their own perception of themselves.

And if your OWN perception of your creative ability is fairly low, then your creativity won’t get used much because you don’t think it’s good.

But believe me, EVERYONE is creative.

Some of us just let the creative take over and see how it goes.

Others choose to bottle it up and stockpile it for a day that may get here “someday…when the timing is right”.

But when exactly is “someday”?


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Do you post updates on Facebook?

Send out tweets via Twitter?

Pin stuff on Pinterest?

Take cool photos on Instagram?

Well, I got news for you: that’s blogging!


Blogging is basically sharing information with others to entertain and/or to help.

It’s like taking ALL of your knowledge on a particular subject and putting it all in one convenient location for EVERYONE to learn from.


Blogging is something that many of us have already been doing for most of our lives, only we haven’t done it in an actual blog.

If you are interested in starting a blog, then I highly recommend that you use a quality Web hosting provider, such as Bluehost.

Do you have a blog?

Tell us more about it in the comments below!



James K. Kim About James K. Kim
James K. Kim (Jim) is a commercial real estate advisor with Pyramid Brokerage Company of Albany, Inc. in the Capital Region of New York, specializing in helping business owners expand into new locations or sell/lease a commercial retail, office, industrial, or investment property.

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