How to Program Your Subconscious Mind For Success: 5 Tips Backed By Science

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Composing 90% of your total brain, your subconscious mind is your faithful, unquestioning, and loyal servant.

It is on duty 24/7 and never sleeps.

Its only function is to do exactly what you tell it to do (for better or for worse). It remembers everything and stores every memory you will ever have.

The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

It is not creative and doesn’t “get” the jokes you tell it.

On the other hand, your conscious mind is the remaining 10% of your brain that is tasked with interacting in the physical world.

Your conscious mind has no memory (that’s the subconscious mind’s job). Instead, the conscious mind is responsible for identifying information through your 5 senses and making decisions based on what is relevant to you.

The Gardener and the Garden

Put another way, think of your conscious mind as a “gardener”, and the subconscious mind as the “garden”.

Whatever you conscious gardener plants is exactly what will grow in the subconscious garden.

Throughout your journey in life, you are constantly programming and conditioning your subconscious mind with thoughts, habits, and beliefs.

These “seeds” planted in your subconscious garden result in either a bountiful harvest of success and goals achieved or a barren wasteland destroyed by failure and negative repercussions.

To ensure more success in your life, you can start by consciously planting more beneficial seeds into your subconscious garden.

Train your subconscious mind to achieve success

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Most people have a desire to achieve at least some elevated level of success in life.

Whether it’s to live in a nice house, enjoy a comfortable life with family, or to become a top-producing salesperson, it’s safe to say that each one of us has our own aspirations to achieve great things.

So how can we train our subconscious minds to point us in the right direction for achieving the life we’ve always dreamed of?

If you’re reading this far, then it’s not by accident or a random occurence. You were brought here for a reason. And that reason: the Universe has decided that you are now ready to unlock the secrets of achieving your true potential!

In this useful article you are about to explore, I am going to reveal to you the exact steps you must take to program your subconscious mind into taking the necessary steps needed to live the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

All you have to do is simply follow these steps and you will attract into your life the real success you are fully capable of achieving in your lifetime.

Are you ready to get started?

Then here we go!

How to Program Your Subconscious Mind For Success: 5 Tips Backed By Science

5. Visualize your success

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The most critical step in conditioning your subconscious mind for achieving success is to first visualize what you want to achieve in life.

Examples of these life achievements can be:

  • Living in a comfortable home in a nice neighborhood.
  • Giving your children every opportunity to achieve their dreams.
  • Running a successful business.
  • Traveling to places you’ve always wanted to see.

Without a defined vision of success, you will not be able to point your subconscious mind in the direction you want.

Afterall, if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?

Avoid visions that are “too general”

If your vision is generic and unclear, such as “be comfortable” or “have a good life”, then you are doing yourself a great disservice.

That’s because your vision, while good natured and genuine, may not be clear, focused, or specific enough to actually program your subconscious mind into taking the right actions.

“Be comfortable” may sound like a reasonable and worthy vision, but it is not specific enough to be truly achievable.

We all want comfort, that’s just human nature.

Many times throughout your journey of life, you will find yourself standing on the edge of a cliff of opportunity that leads to an entire valley of possibilities.

And it’s safe to assume that each possibility already has the “be comfortable” aspect already built into it.

So get specific in your vision!

Here’s how you do it. Grab a pen and paper right now. (Don’t worry, this article will still be here when you get back…)

Subconscious Training Exercise #1: Create your vision of a successful life

Invest 5-10 minutes right now. Step away from your computer or mobile device screen to think about what you envision your future to look like.

Write down what you are seeing (writing things down is a key subconscious conditioning tool which I’ll reveal more about later).

Personally, my vision is to create a sales training business modeled after my mentors Stan Billue, Zig Ziglar, and Brian Tracy.

I want to help individuals master the fundamentals of professional selling. Also, I want to serve and help others to achieve success in business and generate the wealth required to fully support their families, lifestyles, and dreams.

That’s my vision and I’m taking action, both subconsciously and consciously, right now to make that dream a reality.

What is your vision and what are you doing to make it happen for you?


4. Daily task: write your 10 goals

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Another essential step in programming your subconscious mind is to write down at least once a day (preferably first thing in the morning or at the very least, right before bed) your 10 goals needed to achieve your vision of success.

The simple act of writing down your goals provides a powerful visual reminder of the things you must do to achieve your mission.

Writing out your goals also programs your subconscious mind to begin taking action to achieve the goals you’ve crystallized on paper.

Remember, your subconscious mind does not judge, cannot tell fact from fiction, and only retains those things you’ve implanted into it in a specific format.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential that when writing down your 10 goals, you communicate with your subconscious in the only way it can truly understand and fully process. I will show you exactly how to do that.

By following the right format for writing your 10 goals, your subconscious will instantly go to work and kickstart the exact actions needed towards your progress!

And soon (perhaps in within a few days or weeks), you’ll realize that, subconsciously, you’ve been taking the right actions you must do to achieve your goals. Does that sound good to you?

How to write your 10 goals for achieving success

For the very best results in conditioning your subconscious mind for achieving success, follow this format when writing down your 10 goals everyday:

  • Keep a notebook and pen next to your bed so you can write down your 10 goals either first thing in the morning or right before going to sleep.
  • Write down today’s date and the word “goals”.
  • Make a list 1 to 10.
  • Begin each goal with “I” (in reference to you).
  • Write down your goal in the present tense and be as specific as possible.

Below are some examples of daily goals I write each morning before I start my day that follow this specific format to activate and program your subconscious mind into achieving success:

“I am a top 20% closer.”

“I run a successful business.”

“I help others achieve success.”

“I write a useful blog.”

Subconscious Training Exercise #2: Write down your 10 goals you must achieve to create success in your life

Remember to start with “I” and use the present tense so your subconscious mind will fully understand these commands and begin taking action immediately.

Repeat this exercise first thing every morning or right before going to sleep. In a few weeks, you’ll be amazed at the progress you’ve made!

3. Use daily affirmations to stay on your success path 

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Affirmations are short, positive statements that describe a desired situation.

The most effective and powerful affirmations are repeated several times a day until they are embedded into your subconscious mind.

And as we’ve learned so far, once the subconscious mind is programmed with a command you have given it, you will begin taking the necessary actions to follow through with the direction.

Just like writing down your 10 goals every day, affirmations are conditioning your subconscious mind to take the necessary actions to achieving your goals and ultimately your vision of success.

How to use affirmations to improve your life

Since your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between fact or fiction, what’s said in jest or seriousness, then it is critically important that your affirmations are positive in painting the picture of your designed outcome.

Remember, your subconscious mind is just a collector of the thoughts and actions you put into it everyday.

It will accept as true these things you put into it, and as a result, will attract the corresponding events and people.

Have you ever had a day where it seems every interaction and situation you encounter is negative?

Perhaps you woke up, looked outside your window and saw it was raining, and thought to yourself, “Well, today is going to be a crummy day.”

Your subconscious mind will then take this directive that today will be a “crummy” day and see to it that everything you do and attract into your day will align with that thought.

That’s why it’s so important to use affirmations that are positive and align only with the outcomes you want to invite into your life.

If you want positive outcomes, then doesn’t it make sense to input positive commands into your subconscious?

the focused vision the idea hunters subconscious mind

How long will it take to see the results of affirmations?

The time it takes to see the desired outcomes of your affirmations can vary.

Factors can dramatically affect the time it takes to achieve the desired outcomes of your affirmations, from a few days to a few months or even years.

These include such things as:

  • The magnitude of your goals
  • Your focus in achieving them
  • The strength of your desire in attaining success
  • The feelings you put into your words

How to create powerful affirmations that create positive outcomes 

Repeated positive affirmations are like commands given in a computer program.

Once the conscious, or thinking, mind hears the affirmation, your subconscious mind then takes over by storing the command, processing it, and directing you to take the actions needed to achieve the outcome of the affirmation.

Subconscious Training Exercise #3: Write 5 positive affirmations to program your subconscious mind into taking positive action

Take a few minutes to write down 5 affirmations you can begin using today to help guide you on your path to success.

Here are guidelines to follow on how to write and use affirmations to get the best results:

1) Keep your affirmations short and in the positive, present tense.

Any affirmation that is too long and arduous will not only be harder to remember and use regularly, but will only confuse your subconscious mind into not taking any action.

Do not use affirmations that emphasize the negative, such as “I am losing weight” or “I am not going to lose this sale.”

Instead, use words in your affirmations that create and emphasize the positive situation you want to achieve, such as “I am my ideal weight” or “I have the highest sales in my company“.

2) Repeat the affirmations whenever you have idle time.

Great times to use affirmations are when you are allowed to let your mind be occupied, such as riding the train to work or taking a shower or waiting to pick up your kids after school.

You can also set aside a designated 5-10 minutes each day to repeat the affirmations, such as during meditation (more about that later).

3) Relax when saying your affirmations out loud to yourself (or in your mind if you’re in public and do not want to disturb others).

Pay attention to the words and put your faith into them!

The more meaning, focus, and emphasis you put into your affirmations, the faster you’ll see results and the more effective they’ll be in helping you achieve your goals and vision of success.

Here are some examples of affirmations you can use throughout your day to program your subconscious mind into taking the necessary steps for achieving success:

  • Every day in every way I am getting better and better.
  • I am creating my own success. 
  • I live my life to the fullest.
  • I am maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • I attract good things into my life.
  • I am happy with my career.
  • I am responsible for everything that happens in my life.
  • I can do anything I put my mind into.

2. Calm your mind with meditation

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There have been many studies done that prove meditation is healthy for both the mind and body.

The healthier the mind, the more likely it will function properly to help you achieve your goals.

One of my favorite sayings about meditation is “In stillness, lies success.”

It’s amazing how dramatically you can improve your life by taking just a few minutes every day to sit quietly and not let your mind think about your responsibilities, tasks, and other to-do’s that dictate your daily routine.

My personal meditation routine is to take 5 minutes right after waking up to sit up in bed, close my eyes, and think about nothing but breathing.

These 5 minutes every day get me focused on my day at hand and set the stage for my subconscious to direct me in taking actions and achieving goals.

You’ll need to come up with your own meditation routine, but the important thing is to stick with it and be consistent.

Even meditating for 2 minutes while you’re alone in the office restroom will have a beneficial health effect.

Subconscious Training Exercise #4: Practice meditation for at least 5 minutes every day

If you are not regularly meditating, or you’ve never done it, then I highly recommend checking out a mobile app called Headspace.

Created by renowned mindfulness and meditation expert Andy Puddicombe, Headspace is an excellent introduction to anyone interested in learning how to meditate.

In just 10 minutes a day, Andy will guide you in safe and effective guided meditation techniques that will have you feeling better, less stressed, more relaxed, and laser-focused on achieving your goals.

1. Exercise your body to clear your mind

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Oftentimes, our conscious mind can get so cluttered throughout the day with a seemingly endless array of information.

In addition to things like social media and instant communication via text, email, and other methods, it’s no wonder that information overload can lead to burnout and inaction.

That’s why exercise is such a powerful tool in helping your subconscious to achieve your goals.

You will boost endorphins (chemicals produced in your brain that make you feel good) while clearing your mind to help you make better decisions.

And the more good decisions you make, the more likely you will achieve your goals and attain success. And that’s what you really want, isn’t it?

By clearing the conscious mind (at least for a little while) and encouraging you to focus on a physical activity, you are refreshing and re-charging your subconscious mind to allow you to make better conscious decisions in business and life.

Subconscious Training Exercise #5: Dedicate yourself to at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity

You have countless options to choose from for physical activity to help get your blood pumping and your mind focused and clear of all the gummy mental sludge that prevents your brain from running at optimal levels.

Below are just a few exercise ideas you can do every day for at least 30 minutes:

There’s no rule saying you must do the same type or exercise or workout every day or week.

In fact, the more variety you put into your exercise routine, the more likely you’ll remain interested and dedicated to it.

And of course, with regular exercise, it’s also critical to follow a healthy regiment including:

  • Drink plenty of electrolyzed reduced water.
  • Limit your caffeine to no more than 2 cups of coffee or tea daily. Ditch the soft drinks and colas.
  • Avoid processed, junk foods or sweets that have minimal nutritional value and can oftentimes negatively affect your mood, raise your blood pressure, and have a detrimental impact on your mental wellbeing.
  • Limit your alcohol intake to one or two beverages per day (if at all).
  • Never smoke tobacco or use smokeless tobacco products.
  • Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, and avoid high carbohydrates and sodium.
  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours per night.

Kangen Water

By eating healthy and exercising regularly, you are ensuring that your physical health is optimized to allow your subconscious to consistently create positive actions that guide you on your path to success.

Don’t forget to feed your brain, too

In addition to feeding your body healthy foods, remember to also feed your subconscious mind healthy, uplifting, and motivational content from great inspirational speakers including:

Avoid watching the news first thing in the morning. It’s all negative and will put you in the wrong frame of subconscious mind (remember, if you want positive results, you need to think positively!)

Instead, listen to a motivational audio program as you get ready for the day, or take a few minutes to read a motivational article or chapter from a book.


The subconscious mind is your most powerful ally in helping you achieve your goals and create the life of success you envision for yourself and your loved ones.

Alternatively, the subconscious mind can also be your worst enemy in preventing you from reaching your true potential.

It is my hope that you will now put these instructions to work for you right now so you can begin your path to success and happiness.

Afterall, what better time to begin kickstart your subconscious mind to begin taking the steps needed to achieve success than right now?

Begin by re-reading this article again and writing out each exercise in a notebook (I highly recommend getting a Moleskine).

Question: if you had the opportunity to achieve the successful future you’ve always dreamed of, when would be a good time to start?

How about…today!

If you agree that today is a good time to start your journey to success, then here’s what you do next.

Simply follow these instructions I’ve shared with you and take the first steps to building the life you’ve been dreaming about. You have the complete guideline to train your subconscious mind to begin accomplishing your goals and achieve success starting today.

Your subconscious is ready to work for you now. Where would you like to go?

Have you programmed your subconscious mind to help you achieve success?

How is your journey going?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

This is your opportunity to help others worldwide with your knowledge and experience.


Looking to increase your success in life and business? Maybe the answer lies in your subconscious mind!
Looking to increase your success in life and business? Maybe the answer lies in your subconscious mind!

James K. Kim About James K. Kim
James K. Kim (Jim) is a commercial real estate advisor with Pyramid Brokerage Company of Albany, Inc. in the Capital Region of New York, specializing in helping business owners expand into new locations or sell/lease a commercial retail, office, industrial, or investment property.

148 thoughts on “How to Program Your Subconscious Mind For Success: 5 Tips Backed By Science

  1. i would like to build my house and bank balance kindly suggest me what affirmation i can writte.

    1. Hi Neten,

      How about something like, “I live in the perfect home for me” and “I am making more income”. These are two ideals that will activate your subconscious to help you do the actions that will align with these ideals. Hope this helps!

      1. Dinesh…does your son want the same future you want for him?

        If so, and if he is truly serious about becoming a doctor (you can’t do the work for him right?) then show him this article and tell him to follow the directions exactly everyday for 30 days, then report back to me the results.

  2. i have several goals in my life like want to be Vice president of my company, want luxurious life, live in luxurious bunglow, good bank balance etc. in that case what activate subconsious to acheive all so that there will be no conflict in my mind .

    1. Hey Manish,

      Congratulations on having such high personal goals for yourself! Most people are just content, comfortable, and happy to stay in their status quo, but as we all know, situations change! What’s been working for you in the past won’t be guaranteed to produce the same results in the future.

      It sounds like all of those benefits you are seeking in your life revolve around a single source of having the money to afford such objects. While I have no objection to wanting the finest things in life for your hard work and sustained efforts, I also caution you to remember that everything you collect in your time here on Earth cannot be brought with you to your next assignment when your mission here is complete. So instead of focusing on material objects which require great expense, maintenance, and stress in acquisition and possession, I suggest you instead adopt the personal mantra of “Having the wisdom to serve others using your experience and knowledge.”

      Feel free to modify this to fit your own personal style and language, but the end goal is the same. You will have everything you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want.

      I hope this helps with your journey, Manish! Thanks for reading, commenting, and giving me an opportunity to share my knowledge with others to help them remove the obstacles blocking their path to success.

  3. Hello.
    I have been recommended power of subconscious mind by joseph murphy by my psychologist, I have been reading this book for 1 year and I have seen results in my life.
    After applying his technique I was in virtual bliss, feeling happy and super confident.
    The problem now is I have ran out of ideas for visualization, that excites my mind.
    Another problem is when I visualize about a girlfriend/wife I feel horny which disturbs my concentration.

    1. Glad to hear the techniques have been working well for you, Momo. Have you tried visualizing how you can serve, help, and assist others with your knowledge? If you try this, there will be an endless reserve of new ideas and thoughts that will have you continuing to feel the positive mindset you have worked so hard un cultivating.

  4. Sir,
    I want to live with my husband. He is in abroad. And I want a job there. Above all I want all his love. So kindly suggest me what affirmation I can write

    1. Hey Ambily,

      Thank you for sharing your story That sounds like a very good goal to align your actions with. How about something like, “I live with my husband in the home of our dreams doing work that I love.” That accounts for all three things you want.

      By stating what you want, you are telling your subconscious mind to begin setting into motion the actions which will ultimately lead to your goal. You’ll probably begin researching the area for jobs, learning the language, looking for places to live, etc. By doing these things, you are setting yourself closer to your goal and creating positive momentum in attaining it.

      Hope this helps, let me know how things turn out for you.

  5. I wnat to live with my husband. He is abroad. I want a job there. Above all I want all his love. So kindly suggest me what affirmation I can write

  6. Hey Jim,

    Let me congratulate you on your article. I’ve read it all and I can see it helping a lot of people. I already knew about all these strategies, but reading your article was a cool reminder. Keep up the good work sir and thank you for taking the time to write it.

  7. i have several goals in my life like want to win a lottery to live in a luxurious life, good bank balance . i’m having this goal for my whole family, not just for me, i got a big plans for them and for the generations that will follow us. can you suggest what activate subconscious that needs to achieve them so that there will be no conflict in my mind.

    1. Hi Aya,

      How about something like,”I have all the money I need.” This is short, simple, and will subconsciously guide you to do the things you know deep down will result in the outcomes you desire.

  8. hi,
    i want to get into surgical residency at harvard(preparing for my usmle exams) and want to help mankind,can you suggest how to write affirmations to reach that goal? and your article is very helpful and motivating .

    1. Hey Anandh,

      Try writing this as one of your 10 daily goals “I am a great surgeon.”

      For an affirmation, consider a phrase like “I help others achieve better health outcomes.”

      Both of these short but powerful statements will kickstart your subconscious mind into taking the right actions that will lead you straight to your goals.

      Thanks for reading!

  9. Hello Sir
    I am 25 years old .
    I have querry related to my body growth .
    I am 5’6″.
    Kindly let me know if I can add few more inches to my height and get taller using power of sub conscious mind . I feel very uncomfortable with current body height .
    Please do reply.
    Or mail me on apnasapna22@gmail
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hey Rohit,

      I’m not sure if subconscious mind training will physically add some inches to your height, but…what if you could FEEL like you are 6 feet tall and you radiated this positive energy to everyone you meet?

      Then try this affirmation to write down among your 10 daily goals and to repeat to yourself throughout the day:

      “I am completely happy with my physical appearance.”

      Rohit, here’s why this will work…it’s a simple command you will program into your subconscious and as you write/repeat it daily, your subconscious will adapt it and you will soon feel very comfortable and happy with your body. And as you generate this positive emotion and self-image, everyone you meet will feel this radiation of positivity emanating from you.

      How does this sound to you, Rohit?

  10. I published a book a year ago and it is stagnant. I want to sell millions of copies. The content from the few people who bought it, say it’s excellent. However, I don’t have the means to advertise it along with the website. Any suggestions! And thank you for this site, I truly appreciate it!

    1. Hey Lidia,

      There are so many free ways to promote your work these days thanks to social media.

      First, determine who is your book meant for? As in, if you could give the book to a person that you think would find value out of it…what type of person is that?

      Once you have this answer, do a Google search for websites that target the same audience, then look for the associated social media channels for those pages.

      You can then join in the discussions happening amongst the other folks who are engaged with that social channel.

      You can also make a preview of the book and post it on YouTube.

      Leave comments on blog posts that talk about a similar subject to your book and add a link to your book on Amazon or wherever it’s sold.

      Add a link to your book on your email signature.

      Get friends to read the book and write a review on Amazon. Do an interview about the book with a blogger.

      These are just a few ideas on promoting your work without spending a dime.

      The only thing that will limit your book’s success are the limitations you put on its success. So don’t think you don’t “have the means to advertise”. The means are all around you!

      I hope these ideas help kickstart your creative juices to promote your work and get your message in front of the people who deserve to hear it.

      As far as a positive affirmation related to selling more books, how about something like, “I share my knowledge to help others on a daily basis.”

      Not only does this encompass your book, but everything else that you bring to the table. Once your subconscious mind adopts this attitude, you will consciously do more and more things each day to promote your book and your personal brand.

  11. Sir/Ma’m, Greetings & Hugs,

    How do I formulate my own affirmation(s ) for accessing my subconscious mind’s assistance. Tell me if affirmation(s ) are designed taking the factors of any given situation into consideration or what (in detail please).

    With warm regards,

    1. Hey Amit,

      If you tried the affirmation examples I included in the article and none seem to fit what you’re looking for, then I suggest you try the following exercise:

      1) Think about the goal you are trying to accomplish

      2) Write down what it takes to be successful in achieving that goal

      3) If what you wrote down takes more than one easy to remember and implement sentence, then re-write it until it becomes one easy to remember and implement sentence.

      4) This is your affirmation

      I’d love to hear back if that makes sense, or if you need clarification. Also, it will help me create a more customized answer if you were to tell me more specific information about your situation and the affirmation you are trying to create to become successful at it.


  12. I have a great need to be able to contral my subconsious mind and thus my future. This was helpful and valuable. Pliz can i have a perosan class with you as my guide in doing this

    1. Hey William,

      If you are interested in coaching, we can set up a Skype chat sometime this week or next. Send an email to jim[at] and we can pencil in a chat. Thanks for reading and I hope you find my knowledge to be useful in helping you achieve success in whatever you set your mind to!

  13. I am Social Auxiliary Worker, Financial Advisor, Entrepeneur and student psychologist. How can I use my mind effectively to gain success. What else will help me, cause I do want to use my whole mind in order to equip myself more in the my field of expertise.

    1. Hey Lorenzo,

      Commit to doing everything I wrote about in this article for 60 days. If at the end of those 60 days, you are not in a more successful and happier place, then let me know and we’ll see what we can do to help you achieve success.

  14. Jim,

    I have read you page on programming the subconscious mind several times. When you mention writing out my goals daily, are you referring to my goals for that day or my longer term goals for success? Should I write my long term goals out ever day over and over?

    Also, I know you apply programming the subconscious mind to business, do you feel it can be applied to one’s health?


    1. Hey Rob,

      These can be either your long-term or daily goals. Just write them out in the appropriate format (present tense, start with “I”, positive voice). It is important to do this daily to program your subconscious mind into taking the steps necessary to achieving these goals.

      Your subconscious mind can be programmed to do anything positive in business or in life, including achieving your fitness goals. Try it and let me know the results after 30 days. Thanks for reading, Rob!

      1. I do not get success in competitive exams!whenever i take exams i watch dreams of nt acheiving success! Infact whatever i want big thing, less likely to acheive ! Once i wished for getting scooty ! i used subconcious affirmations too!I borrowed it from someone and when i drived i got an accident! i think my subconcious does nt favours me! Help ! Moreover time issues !i need things quickly but it takes much time….

        1. Ashi, have you ever stopped and considered that maybe all these negative outcomes are happening because you expect them to happen subconsciously?

          It sounds to me like you are setting yourself up for these failures by thinking about the outcomes before they have a chance to unfold. You feel you are trapped in a vicious cycle. Well guess what…you are because you subconsciously think that!

          I suggest you get back to basics and do the following for the next 30 days and do not waiver in your committment.

          If you truly desire to break this cycle of self-sabotage, then you will try this because it sounds like it’s getting to be desperate times.

          So let’s solve this problem once and for all, are you ready Ashi?

          First, get a notebook and a pen and place it by your bed. Every morning, you write today’s date and your 10 life goals in the present tense, beginning with “I”, and in a positive tense.

          Since your big challenge is in test taking, may I kindly suggest the following goal among the 10 you write every morning:

          “I successfully complete all of my exams with very high scores.”

          By writing this every morning, you are training your subconscious mind to accept this as fact, and you will then do the little things everyday that you must do to successfully pass with flying colors. Things such as spending less time on the Internet or increasing the amount of high test score-producing activities.

          Do this for the next 30 days, and your life will not be the same. Because your subconscious mind is conditioned to expect success, not failure.

  15. we i n my husband hav a dream to stay lifelong with each other and establish our own business empire. we have one male child. I done interstate n intercaste marriage but not informed to my in-laws. now they got information and not accepting me n baby. they try for his second marriage and insisting my husband never contact to me or our baby. he even me don’t want to heart them but can’t live without each other. crying day night but not getting a solution. now our jobs also in insuring. please guide ASAP. I don’t have time they calling him within two three days.

    1. This sounds like a very challenging time you are going through, Savita. Think of it all as a test. A test of your love. Because if your love can survive this, then it can survive anything. Believe in the fact that as long as you never quit and always strive to do what is right in your heart, then the Universe will respond in kind and see to it that you get back everything you put in to the hand you have been dealt. I wish you good luck and urge you to stay strong with love, and that will never break.

      1. my husbands second marriage is fixed in January and I’m in my mummy’s home now he left me here n return. what have to please guide please

        1. Hey Savita, not sure if I full understand the situation. However, it sounds serious. But just remember that in life, you will face tests. These are meant to make you stronger and more prepared for future tests.

          If you do not pass this test today, you will not pass the test tomorrow. Focus on the present moment and use the hardship as a lesson to help you make tomorrow better than today.

  16. Hello sir,
    I wanna become a model n m working very hard to be successful at it .I ve just started to follow the article u posted .but sir i have a question.N that is that how do I know that if I m doing it right n closer to my dream or not .

    1. Happy to be a part of your journey to achieving your goals, Jennifer! Remember to keep feeding your subconscious mind good thoughts and positive intentions. Before you know it, these will manifest into reality. If everything is energy, including thoughts, then doesn’t it make sense to create positive energy that results in positive outcomes?

  17. Hi Jim,

    Thank you for the article. Yes, I am working pert time for network marketing company Forvever Living Product and i have these goal:
    1. Become Centerian manager and help millions gain financial independence through.
    2. Become a master in actinq as I will take up acting as a career in future.
    3. Run a successful social initiative that helps youngsters to achieve their goal and help old citizens also to learn new skills or talents like music, art etc so that they dont feel like a burden to a society.

    4.Develop Rescue squad to help street dogs and injured bird!

    Thanks for letting me share my feeling here and please help me with some suggestion

    1. Wow, these are ambitious and high goals, Avesh! I applaud you for setting massive targets that require maximum effort and actions on your part to achieve them. Because even if you must try multiple attempts to achieve anything on this list, your knowledge, experience, network, and fearlessness will only continue to grow, harden, and sharpen with time. And before you know it…you’ll be unstoppable.

      So how about that for an affirmation…

      I am unstoppable in my pursuit of everything I want to achieve in life.

      1. thank you so much for the acknowledgement and support sir! i will let you know once I achieve at least one of these target

  18. Hi Jim

    Thank you so much for all your import and guidance.
    I need to manifest urgent money, please help!!!

    Thank you for your help

    Stya blessed

    1. I’ll get you started on your path to achieving your goals, Eunice. But the rest is up to you and the Universe to work out between yourselves how this will all play out. Does that make sense?

        1. Jim, my daughter is 12 and she would like to become an RNB and Gospel singer, she wants to own her own succesfull record label one day. And she wants to be used for the good of others. She also wants win several awards which she wrote down.
          Can you kkindly assist her with the right affirmations.
          She believe that she is alrwday that which she wants to be. And she has me at that point where I believe it as well.

          Kind regards
          And thank you so much Jim to be a blessing to us all.

          1. Hi Eunice,

            How about these 2 affirmations for your daughter:

            I am a professional RnB and Gospel singer.
            I run a record label.

            Remember, the subconscious mind listens to whatever you tell it.

            So keep it simple, in the present tense, and write them down everyday. Your mind will subconsciously start doing the actions to achieve the goal. But only if you tell it.

            Hope this helps your daughter achieve her dream.

  19. Dear Sir
    I always think negative about my health . I want to eliminate this health anxiety. I want to become healthy and stop negative talk about my health . Negetive thinking creating health issues to me . kindly suggest the way how to achieve good health and remove health anxiety

    1. Hey Arif,

      Remember the subconscious mind will listen to whatever information and commands you feed it.

      So if you are constantly thinking negatively about your health, then how do you think your subconscious mind will react and in what direction will your actions be driven? That’s right, to a negative outcome.

      So Arif, instead of thinking negatively and ensuring a negative result, try to reverse it.

      The moment you find yourself thinking negatively, stop and acknowledge the fact that you are doing what you don’t want to be doing. Then…acknowledge this thought, accept that it exists, but do not accept it as your truth.

      Instead, let it slither on like a lizard crossing the road.

      Soon, you’ll find the negative thoughts will weaken in their frequency and duration (this may take weeks or months or longer, but it will happen eventually).

      You can further help your mind from breaking free of the negative thoughts habit by focusing on the outcome you REALLY want. Which is to have GOOD health and live a rewarding life. How does that sound, Arif?

      So try something like this:

      I am the picture of perfect health
      I am living a rewarding life that continues to improve every day

  20. Hey!
    Im glad to have come across this great article of yours and i shall definitely follow according to your instructions.
    I have a very bad memory and it feels extremely distressing as my board exams are nearing. Registering things from the book just doesnot happen. Lack of oncentration is another problem that i am facing. I want to score really well and have high ambitions but these factors hinders it all. My head is filled wid negative thoughts quite too often and it seems impossible to get rid of them. Is there anything that i can do to get immediate results as the clock is ticking pretty fast. I would love to be enlightened.

    1. Hey Shreya,

      I suggest writing out your study notes and terms on note cards or perhaps as a Google Document. Then, whenever you have an idle moment, instead of looking at social media on your phone or watching television, you study these notes and test yourself on the vocabulary and other board exam material.

      Also, every morning I suggest you write these two goals as part of your daily 10 written goals:

      I am an excellent test taker
      I easily pass my board exams with flying colors

  21. Hi my name is mr Jackson Kerry from California USA. Before now my business was faced with challenges to the point of collapsing. I tried many options to make it stand like attending business forums, seeking of advices from business experts but it was still worst. One day a friend of mine introduced me to this business spell caster by the name Lord Kamala in which I followed up. Within a month my business went to it peak and I started experiencing success and sudden turn around. Today I am happy and I will forever publish his name LORD KAMALA. My friends why not try Lord Kamala and contact him for your own sudden turn around and breakthrough through his email, Thank you.

  22. Sir,
    The Company in which I am working is delaying salary for more than 2 months now. I am employed in Gulf for the last 20 years and looking for a change in my job presently. Since there is tough competition in administration job, please let me know exactly what affirmations would help me to recite to my subconscious mind.
    Thank you

    1. Hey Wilson,

      Sounds like a serious situation you are facing.

      However, you can be assured that the Universe always conspires in your favor.

      With setbacks and hardships, such as what you are going through now, it can be easy to allow negative energy to take over.

      And guess what happens when you let negativity set in?

      Do you think you invite positive energy into your world that results in good outcomes?


      As science would tell you, like energy attracts like energy.

      Keep your thoughts positive, and your actions that set yourself up for alignment with that positive situation’s energy will become your reality.

      Also, skill up and learn as many new skills as possible.

      The future of work is no longer having a single source of income and hoping you never lose your job.

      The new future of work is having MULTIPLE income streams (some passive, such as writing a blog or selling water filters online) to allow you to create your own schedule and dictate your own success…not some “boss” who tells you what to do and how to do it.

      Wilson, for an affirmation, might I suggest:

      I help others solve problems.

      By repeating this simple affirmation, you are reinforcing your can-do attitude and willingness to go the extra mile and make wise decisions that benefit others.

      By projecting this positive energy, you are inviting positive energy to return to you, and positive energy fuels the action that yields beneficial outcomes. And that’s what you really want, isn’t it Wilson?

  23. Hi jim,
    Thank you for this positive article and website i love your work.
    I’m very unhappy in the relationship i’m in right now it’s just not right and it seems like i can’t leave the person i’m with beacuse of obligations and we are planning on geeting married after 6 months i don’t know what to do please help me!

    1. Hi Shahd,

      That is a serious situation you are facing. I have several questions that I will ask you.

      However, do not answer me, since I am not a professional relationship counselor. I am only a salesman who enjoys sharing knowledge to help others to achieve success.

      Shahd, I ask the following questions so that you will answer them yourself.

      You will put more value into that which you realize for yourself than anything I could possibly tell you without knowing the full situation, which is not worth going into.

      Instead, let’s focus on the immediate solution, and that lies in the answers you provide to these serious questions, Shahd (remember, do not answer me, answer these with yourself and truly be 100% honest with yourself)

      What is the cause of the unhappiness in the relationship?

      Was there ever a happy time? What is different now and that happy time?

      Who benefits from the obligations of your marriage?

      Why are you indebted to abide by these obligations?

      What happens if you do not go forth with this unhappy marriage that you feel will not lead to a positive life?

      What would it take for you to be free of these obligations so you can live the live you were meant to live?

  24. I truly enjoyed the article my issue is I have been learning to trade but I have a fear of losing money and of course I want more so I can pay bills etc because lately it’s been really rough for my husband and I but I have the training but no time to really learn it but I want to be a successful trader to change my financial situation and quickly. What affirmations do you think would be effective. Also about having a successful business is a huge one for me because I am in the works of working on websites and learning to do that for others

  25. Thanks Kim Jin, your article is so helful. You made my day!! I’m going to apply all you advice immediately and finally change my life! Thansk man.

  26. Jim, I read the article it’s awesome. I want to get pregnant soon. I’ll follow ur steps. I’ll think positive but sometimes negative thoughts interrupting my mind. I want to control my negative thoughts. Can u pls suggest some tips to control the negative thoughts.

  27. Hello,

    I have a desire to get a long term abroad job opportunity from existing employer or new employer.
    May I know what kind of affirmations should I create.


  28. Hi Jim,
    First of all thank you very much for writing such a wonderful and useful article.

    I want to achieve following in my life.

    1) I want to put up outstanding performance in my current job.
    2) I want to get married to the wife of my dreams and live a very happy and successful married life with her.
    3) I wish to pursue further studies from a top notch institute.
    4) I want to achieve great success in my professional life and make loads of money.

    Which affirmations I can use. Please help

    I do not wish to reveal my name hence writing as anonymous

    Thanks a lot and God bless you

    1. Here are 4 affirmations you can use based on the information you shared with me:

      1) I am a a highly skilled worker who continues to learn and improve everyday.

      2) I marry the perfect woman for me.

      3) I graduate from the best institute.

      4) I am hugely successful in my career and am paid what I’m worth.

  29. Hi there! Great article you have, I would also want to share my thoughts that Meditation indeed has positive effects not only in the body but also in the mind, a total holistic wellness that brings us to know our inner-self better. It gives us a peace of mind that helps us have a much better perception about our lives.
    Our advocacy is to promote the positive effects of meditation, yoga and inner wellness.
    Help us, visit our website at and also You can also download the app at
    Thank you and have a great day!

  30. Hi ,
    I am trying hard to achieve throuh this but may be some issue in my process.
    I want to overcome two things in life:-
    (i) Having health anxiety – i think entire day about my health and worried though i do not have major issues.
    (ii) I want to learn a foreign language but unable to get fluency or still having hesitation

    What is the best way please suggest someone.

    1. Hey Rajdev,

      Many experts have said for years that “You become what you think.”

      The Bible says “As you reap, so shall you sew.”

      And as esoteric philosophers and mystic visionaries say…”As above, so below.”

      In other words…if you think about your health and the possible afflictions you do or do not have, then guess what will happen…the thing that you think will happen.

      Rather than focusing all day on the negatives of health ailments, why not reprogram your mind to think about the positives of your health and soon that will become your new mode of thinking.

      Try this for 30 days straight, beginning right now.

      Write down the words “I do healthy actions everyday which lead to long-term, perfect health.”

      Write this down first thing every morning, along with your 9 other goals that I recommended you do in the article above.

      Let the feeling of these words affect your subconscious mind and your actions dictated by your subconscious mind take over the negative outcomes you have been creating for yourself with your negative health thoughts.

      If you put the same amount of energy into thinking negative, I guarantee you that you can easily transfer that same energy into the positive benefits and outcomes you would like to manifest in your life…would you agree?

      If you agree, then try the above exercise for 30 days straight and report back on here with your results. Make this your first priority over learning a new language. Focus on one big thing at a time, and a lot of little things line up that will help you accomplish your next big thing.

  31. Thank you for the information . i have already big vision in my life which i already wrote down. Bt I’m a born procrastinator. I usually delay all the things which i hav to do. This habit of procrastination prevents me from exposing my full potential. Im dead slow in doing things. Excellent planner & dreamer but poor i hav secured good name in career because as my superiors push me i did that…. Pls help me…

  32. hey! this is great article . it seems to be general i have many wishes but at this moment i want to score 90% in my examination. exams are over and i am waiting for result. please suggest me somethimg.

    1. Hey Abhi,

      If the exams are over and you are just waiting on the result, then there is not much you can do at this point. Perhaps next time you can start your subconscious mind training earlier by writing down as one of your daily goals “I am a top student who consistently scores 90 and above on exams.” Try this for 30 days straight and report back your findings. Good luck!

  33. Hey…
    This is so helpful …
    Still im in conflict.. I dont know what i really want?
    Im 17.. Since i was 5yr old i wanted to become a doctor. Im having coachings to clear my medical entrance but i lack confidence now .. I have a fear that i wont be able to do it. And at the other hand, i have very much intrest in art illustration which keeps me in dilemma between the two. I still think i shld study hard to bcme a doc….
    Can help me…. How can i keep myself focused!?

    1. Osheen: you are on the exact path you should be taking right now. The fact that you are questioning and unsure means you are ready to accept the path that life brings you RIGHT NOW because you know that even if this is not what you will be doing for the rest of your life, you are still learning valuable lessons NOW that you will need LATER down the road as you figure out for yourself what is truly your highest mission in life.

      Osheen, now is not the time for you to lock in your true destiny. Now is the time to learn, grow, fail, succeed, and when you are ready…your destiny will finally drop the veil and reveal itself unto you. Make sense?

      Now go and follow your dream that lives in your heart. If it is within you, fear can never reach it. Fear only operates externally, and cannot become internal unless you invite it into your mind as a thought which you feel is the truth. If it is not the truth in your mind, then you know it is not the truth in the outer realms of reality.

  34. Dear sir
    i have done many mistakes in my life , now i want my parents will feel proud on me. Few months back i had started my own institute , wants to be a successful women entrepreneur soon . plz help me for what positive and clear line that i can use for my subconscious mind
    thanks and regards
    god bless

    1. Nishtha, these challenging times are a test to prepare you to pass more tests in the future. However, once you pass these tests, you will find that you are far more advanced in your life and rewards due to the fact that you persevered and grew from past experiences, never gave up, and kept your eyes on the prize.

      Do this, and you will achieve every goal you feel is truly worth your time and energy.

  35. Hey Jim Kim,

    My goal is to be a millionaire but I don’t know where to start. Do you have any ideas or suggestions on where to start?


    1. Marcos, a good first step is to re-read this article, then follow all of my instructions closely. Do this for 30 days straight, and let me know if your life looks any different. Thanks.

  36. I have a dream of joining defence forces bt i failed multiple times. I feel i lack assertiveness and clarity of speech. I have always dreamt of having a life full if honor but today i am employed at a job too small for my dreams of lavish n socially acclaimed life. Now i am preparing for administrative jobs in government but sometimes i feel.umsure of being successful and getting stuck in present job.
    Kindly guide.

    1. Farhan, sounds like you spend a lot of your energy thinking about what you want to become when you could transfer that energy into actions that make these thoughts a reality. Re-read the article, then try everything and follow my directions closely for 30 days straight. Report back on the results.

  37. The start of a new month, and I was looking for things to uplift me, and came across your article, which I slowly read and took notes. I must say it is very helpful and I love reading the questions people have asked and they way you took time to respond. I am grateful and thankful for you sharing your knowledge and experiences with us!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Genny! I started this website with the specific purpose of helping others with my knowledge. Who knew I’d be able to help so many people from around the world? I’m truly grateful to help others help others everyday. And can we agree…we could certainly use more of that these days, right?

  38. 1) can i set affirmation if i want to loose weight and be attractive again?
    2) can i set affirmation to gain love from my ex-lover?

    1. Hey Kristina,

      The answer to both of your questions is yes.

      However, in order to get that answer, it must also be in agreement with what your higher self has to say about all this.

      Would your higher self want you getting back with your ex? Or is your ex your ex for a reason?

      I do not know the answer to that, but your higher self does.

      How can you speak with your higher self?

      Look within. The best answers to everything you ask can always be found there.

      1. Hi Jim Kim,

        Thank you so much for your reply.
        That was very helpful.
        Awaiting good results to report back here. 🙂

        Thank you and god bless you.

  39. Dear Mam,

    I am undergoing treatment for child. want to succeed this time and give birth to a healthy and beautiful child. please suggest some strong affirmation for this.


    1. Indra,

      I am no doctor, however what you can do is ensure that you put yourself in the best mindset to do everything YOU can do to give birth to a healthy child. So you can say something like “I have a healthy baby.” And then you will take all the necessary medical steps prescribed by your doctor and get all the nutrition and rest you need to set you and your baby up for a perfect birth and life. The rest is in the Creator’s hands, but you must do your part to set the stage for the reality you want to happen.

  40. Hi Jim, I read your article and it had a good impact on 3 months I am having my entrance exam of medical science and I want to score maximum marks and get the best college for graduation.plz help me with this.

    1. Tej, I recommend you re-read this article at least once a day, and implement each of the steps exactly for the next 3 months. If at the end of those 3 months, you fail in achieving your goals, then you were clearly not meant to get into medical sciences (because you gave it your best effort by implementing everything I share with you in this article and you did each step 100%.)

      But if you are serious about your medical career, then you will do what it takes to achieve your goals. And that begins with re-reading this article once a day for the next 3 months and implementing each of these steps EXACTLY. 3 months of doing the same thing over and over again until you succeed. Isn’t your future and the future of your patients and those people you help with the next 3 months of you life, Tej?

      1. Thanks sir, for your valuable guidance iIwill try it and let you know the results.. But sir iam having problems with which affirmative to use.
        Thank you sir once again..


      2. Thank you sir for your guidance. It means a lot to me. Sir I am confused of what affirmatives to use so plz help?? And thanks again..

        1. Tej,

          You can come up with your own affirmations when you start first with the challenge you are looking to overcome, then creating a statement that overcomes that challenge. For example, if you wanted to lose weight, your affirmation would be “I make wise eating choices everyday that support a healthy weight.”

  41. Hi Jim Kim,

    i was successful in my business although i was having many challenges needs a miracle to be solved i was surrounded with friends that helped me to pass ,those friends i have problems with them now and it was The last straw that broke the camels back, i lost and have no passion and energy towards the business anymore but i want to get the energy back and success again to my business quickly please advise

    thanks for your support

    1. Magdy,

      You mentioned that you no longer have passion nor energy for this business. If money and time were no object, what kind of business would you be in if it were different from this current business? If you think of a business that is different than what you are currently doing, then I ask you…what is stopping you from getting started on making that business a reality for you?

      And if your ideal business is your current business, then maybe you need to ask for help from a mentor who can pinpoint areas in your business and life that can be improved to help you get back on track with your success in life.

  42. I want to grow tall as the girl I love is taller than me. Please help in the affirmations because everytime I try to focus this gets into my head and I have already had a bit trouble.

  43. VERY INFORMATIVE! It was well written, action packed and motivating! It really quenched my thirst for the knowledge of how to reprogram my subconscious. THANK YOU!!!

  44. Good reading James , what a great example on using the garden on how your mind works and the gardener setting the scene on setting things in motion .

    Its good how you reply back to blogs from those that seek answers .

    I cannot deny that the last few months I reached a mental block especially career even though I’ve attended and been involved on visualisation , self talk and mindfulness training .

    Its about letting go and not harbour thoughts and to reprogramme how you think, not easy with so much distraction on modern living .

    Hence nature is a form of escape and its healing seeing natural things from birds singing , the wind through the trees , the poetic formation of clouds , etc .

    I think by setting goals is being in that relaxed state , mental blocks can easily cause disruptions and how you overcome those hurdles .

    Hence am I right before you move ahead is to assess where you are now then set the course of action .

  45. Lastly , I think goals should list things that’s causing you not to move forward , because e those core issues are preventing you from looking ahead . achieving the dream is a wonderful thought , but removing those blocks is even better .

    1. Awesome, Richard! Thank you for sharing your story. The fact that you are taking action and helping others with your knowledge is proof that you are aligned with the great reward you seek. Now, it’s just a matter of time, action, and forward motion on a daily basis.

  46. Dear Sir,

    I run a Recruitment Consultancy Firm. The following is Vision is prepared by me after reading the above article. “My vision is to make my Firm a Recruitment Agency of a repute. I want to help my clients in recruitment and help them get the best human talent to achieve success in business, which will help me to generate good revenue.”…Have I formulated the right vision ? Kindly guide.

    1. Love it, Ajay. Now go create your reality now by saying and writing these words as well as doing everything in this article for the next 30 days. Let’s see how you’re doing after 30 days straight of conditioning your subconscious mind to achieve success as a recruiter. And that’s what you really want…isn’t it?

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    1. You’re welcome, Harsha. I hope the knowledge I am learning and sharing helps others to achieve their goals in life. And if more people do that, can we agree that more people would benefit and perhaps we’d have a brighter future for all of humanity?

  48. James,
    What would be a (morning) mental exercise that I could do for 30 or 90 days that would condition my mind to spend most of my day THINKING about my top 2 goals and how to achieve them ?

    Right now College football and girls are what the mind gets into when I’m teaching myself to FOCUS on FUTURE -meaningful GOALS !

    1. Hey Clifford,

      Try writing your top 10 life goals using the recommended format I mentioned in this article. Do this for 30 straight days, and at the end of it, you’ll find that you subconsciously took actions to set yourself up for achieving those goals.

      Football and girls are fun, but are they the realistic path to creating your perfect reality? Or are they distractions that are blocking your true path? That’s not to say you cut those out of your life forever, but perhaps just frame them as rest stops not destinations.

  49. hi, i am personaly student and i have long list of things to acheive, such us to get the A+ in my exams and then make my online global business that should be more then succesfull.
    i beleif i can, because i have to, i need it but still there something missing i just feel not ready not motivated.
    so start things pleas?!!!!!!!

    1. Hey Hodan,

      Yes…stop thinking you “need it”. You don’t “need” anything. The Universe already provides you with everything you need to transform your vision into reality. You just need to put forth a bit of effort and never give up on making this dream come true.

    1. Hi Nidhi,

      Since your husband is the one taking his exam, perhaps he should be the one using an affirmation. Maybe something like, “I am an expert in solving problems related to CA.”

  50. Hello sir, sir I am a CAT 18 aspirant and I want to get a 100 percentile in that exam and do my MBA from faculty of management studies, Delhi, how should I reprogram my brain so that I achieve this fate??

    1. How about using the affirmation, “I am aligned with my highest and best use of reality.” Because it is in this highest and best use that you have achieved those goals.

  51. Sir, I want to score above 90% in the semester exam starting from 1 Nov.
    Please give me some affirmative sentences which will boost my desire to achieve that much score.

        1. The best way to thank me is to become your highest and best version of yourself. You know, the one who scored well above 90% on the exam? That version of Omkar. Make that version your new reality you will create with your feelings, thoughts, actions, and outcomes. And so it is.

  52. I feel very confident right now.can u give me some practises (or) Ideas to train subconscious mind??with load of love to my brother.

    1. Hi Naveen,

      Yes, I highly recommend you re-read the above article and do everything I wrote about. Then do the work for 30 days straight, and report back here with your results.

  53. Dear Sir, I am doing job in a good company. After reading your above article I made a affirmation to change my job to join in a new company with my dream salary like this” I am doing Job in a big organization having my monthly salary 5000$ per month with all helpful and cooperative colleagues”. I have been doing this affirmation since last 30days but till date no changes found. I am positive over my affirmation. Can you guide please , is any changes have to do with my affirmation. Please suggest me I am so crazy.

    1. Manoj,

      Great affirmation. Try tacking onto the end of it “…or better.”

      Also, what kind of efforts are you putting forth to create your highest and best use of reality?

      Are you doing everything I mention in this article on a daily basis?

      If you are serious about creating your highest and best use of reality, you will do it.

      If you are not, you won’t.

      30 more days if you are serious. Do everything in this article and use the new affirmation. And report back results.

      1. Dear Sir,
        I am doing everything as mentioned in your article. In your reply you have mentioned use new affirmation, I can not understand why new affirmation until unless one affirmation not yet fulfilled. I really need a job with 5000$ salary per month nothing else. Can you please guide me how can I get successful over only this single goal first. I wont like to confuse my subconscious mind with multitasking. I am doing all your guidelines. If anything more you want to suggest please help me. I am desperate now.

        1. Manoj,

          You said you “need a job with $5000 salary per month”.

          In other words, you don’t have that job, so you feel you “need” it.

          Instead of feeling like you are doing the things you would be doing if you already had that job, you are stuck feeling this “need” which means you are coming from a place of lack.

          And when you come from this place of lack, the overall feeling and message you are projecting to the Universe with your low, needy vibration is exactly what you can expect to keep coming back to you.


          Because that is the message you are sending. You are saying you “need” something because you don’t have something instead of feeling grateful that you have everything you need at this moment in time because you know that by broadcasting this grateful feeling and message and keeping your vibration high…that you will attract similar high frequency things and situations into your life…such as landing that $5000 a month job (or better).

          Make sense, Manoj?

          Now that you know the secret to creating your highest and best use of reality (act is if you already have what you know you can become if you put forth proper efforts and have the determination to persist until you accomplish your goal or better), I encourage you to re-read this article and practice everything I have shared with you for 30 days straight and report back your results.

  54. Hi sir, this was a great and helpful article! I want to win a competition being held in the country can you please help me write an affirmation to achi e the above goal

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