The Simple Trick For Driving More Web Traffic To Your Business Website

more Web traffic to your business website

One of the most common questions I hear a lot these days from business owners is, “How do I drive more traffic to my business website?”

How to Get More Web Traffic and Increase Sales: One Simple Yet Amazingly Easy Trick 

I tell business owners interested in getting more traffic to their website that unfortunately, there is no magic bullet, secret sauce, or code to be cracked when it comes to generating more traffic.

However, there is one amazingly useful and highly effective tool that stands head and shoulders above other methods for building Web traffic.

Anxious to find out what it is?

Patience, grasshopper.

In due time, I will reveal to you a great way to get your business ranked higher in popular search engines like Lycos and Google.

But first, let me holler at you about the top two critical mistakes I see business owners commit time and time again.

Please Avoid Making These Two Business Website Traffic Generating Mistakes At ALL COSTS

These two business blunders are two egregious acts you must positively, absolutely do whatever it is in your power to avoid at all costs.

I’m telling you…you absolutely should NOT do these two major screwups when trying to boost your Website traffic and better your chances of being listed at the top of searches for products and services like yours.

Let’s start with the single most common mistake I see business owners make when trying to get more hits to their site.

The Most Common Mistake Many Business Owners Make When Trying to Get More Web Traffic

A common mistake I see so many business owners make when trying to increase Web traffic is putting ALL their eggs into one basket.

They expect an instant grand slam home run of staggering amounts of insane Web traffic and orders up the wazoo.

Drunk on delusions and bad advice (and possibly even boxed wine), they plow ahead carelessly and throw more good money after bad money by overspending all their Web traffic generation efforts solely into just one traffic generation tool.

These may include SEO, PPC, banner ads, and other expensive (yet valuable when effectively managed ) Web traffic tools.

I’m no SEO expert, although I like to think I know just enough to be dangerous.

Will Rico is CEO and Founder of Common Mind.
Will Rico is CEO and Founder of Common Mind. He knows more about SEO than me and most likely, you as well.

That’s why when I need SEO advice from a legit source, I go right to my trusted SEO resource, my friend Will Rico.

Will is an absolute SEO Zen Master, and he also is the founder of Common Mind, a boutique Search Engine Marketing (SEM) agency specializing in Google AdWords and Analytics.

And if you are a business owner and none of those things mean anything to you, then do yourself a solid and give Will a call today.

He’ll be tickled to take as much time as you need to walk you through and address any questions you might have about all things SEO, PPC, and the myriad of other neat yet increasingly complex Web tools he uses on a daily basis to improve the search engine results and sales of his clients.

If that’s something you are open to learning more about, then get in touch with Will after you’re done reading this article on how to increase your business Website’s traffic.

The Second Most Common Web Traffic-Reducing Mistake Most Business Owners Don’t Know They’re Making

The next most common mistake I see business owners make is only using company social media channels to share and curate content, while ignoring their own website and not writing new content on recent happenings and posting updates regularly (at least monthly).

The detrimental effect of this can be irreversible.

Not updating your site with fresh, useful, and interesting content for your target audience means no one has a reason to pay attention to your corporate website.

Potential buyers and tire kickers take one look at your static, not-regularly-updated website that hasn’t been touched since the days when “OJ had Isotoners” was a popular rap song lyric…and they promptly walk right out that virtual front door after they quickly get what they need.

There’s no reason to stay, engage with your business by learning more about how you operate, and possibly spend more.

Because you didn’t give them one with your website that never gets updated with new content regularly.

If a potential buyer is interested in going beyond your products and contacts to learn more about your expertise and useful offerings, then…they’re out of luck!

They have no updated content of the sort to keep your company top of mind and the first they call when they are seeking products like yours.

Do these scenarios sound similar to yours, Business Owner?

Well, I hate to break it to you, amigo.

But when it comes to getting more traffic to your business website and increasing sales, then I can’t emphasize this fact enough:

There is no magic solution to getting more Web traffic.

And yet, that is precisely the very SAME mistake I see so many business owners make on the reg with their websites in pursuit of more visitors and business.

When thinking about driving more Web traffic to you business website, it’s best to think of it like a series of small, productive steps that lead to one (or more) successful outcomes.

This makes sense…doesn’t it?

What This Useful Article About Driving More Traffic to Your Website is Not About

If you’re looking for effective SEO, PPC, and other “technical” ways of growing your website traffic, then unfortunately…you won’t find it here.

That’s because there are already a myriad of other excellent resources that will teach you everything you need to know about increasing Web traffic and improving your search engine results.

Solomon Thimothy is Founder and CEO of OneIMS, a Digital Marketing Firm in Chicago.
Solomon Thimothy is Founder and CEO of OneIMS, a Digital Marketing Firm in Chicago.

If you are a business owner and you’d like a good introduction to SEO and how you can use it to increase website traffic, then read this excellent LinkedIn Pulse article by my  friend, Soloman Thimothy, founder of OneIMS in Chicago, a digital marketing firm that helps manufacturers get more customers:


5 Effective Local SEO Strategies That Small Businesses Can Execute Today

What You Can Expect To Happen Next After Reading This Article On Building Your Website’s Traffic

Honestly, I don’t know what might happen after you take in all this useful, effective, and simple things you can do to drive more Web traffic to your business website and rank higher in Google and other search engines.

However, as an optimist when it comes to achieving success, I like to envision the results you’ll get after you follow some proven and extremely powerful advice on generating more traffic to your company’s website.

And since that’s my expectation heading into this journey, then I’m super excited to share with you my absolute best advice (backed by business Website experts) for getting more Web traffic and getting your ranked on the first page in Googles search engine results called:

The Simple Trick For Getting More Web Traffic To Your Business Website That Is So Easy, Your Dumbest Relative Could Do It!

What is it?

Let me break it down for you bluntly, but to prove a critical point…

[WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE, possibly NSFW depending on your company]

If You’re Not Blogging on Your Business Website, then You’re an Ass

Normally, I’m not into name-calling and insulting people.

But I did it just now to make an important point I need you to understand fully before we continue.

You’re probably familiar with the old saying, “When you assume, you make an ‘ass’ out of “U” and “Me”, right?

Well, that is exactly why you’re an “ass” (or as it’s sometimes stylized “A$$”) if you have a business website without a blog.

You “ASS-ume” that your website will generate massive Web traffic and automatically be listed at the top of Google search results, right?

Want to read funny and useful content about inbound marketing? Then check out HubSpot's blog edited by Corey Eridon.
Business Blogging Expert Corey Eridon of HubSpot shares useful tips on increasing Web traffic for your business for the HubSpot Marketing blog.

By the way,for a terrific in-depth explanation on what is blogging for business, check out this great HubSpot article “What Is Business Blogging?” by Corey Eridon.

Did you know that “ass” is another name for donkey?

And last I checked, donkeys don’t have their own business websites, so they don’t really blog much.

You on, the other hand, are certainly NOT an ass!

You are a responsible entrepreneur who makes good business decisions based on real-word examples similar to your current situation.

Which is why I’m sure at this point, if you have not yet started a blog for your business website, then you’re probably wondering what you will blog about that could interest both you current and potential customers.

Blog Content Ideas That Will Generate More Web Traffic To Your Business Website

I have two great examples to show you of successful businesses that are using blogging to get more customers and achieve even greater levels of selling success.

The first example of great business blogging, comes to us from the sunny desert climate of Arizona.

The TBN Ranch website is an excellent business website for a lot of reasons, most notable for its excellent blog that addresses your most burning questions you’ve always yearned to have answered, such as:

What’s the Difference Between a Donkey, Burro, Ass, and Mule?

TBN Ranch owner, expert chicken keeper, and writer Amy Elizabeth puts an end to this simmering debate that has our country divided in opinion:

What’s the Difference Between a Donkey, Burro, Ass, and Mule?

More traffic to your business website
Is this question keeping you up at night? Then it’s time for closure.

Why Should You Have a Blog on Your Business Website?

Most businesses these days have a website, but a surprisingly lower percentage of these business websites have a blog. In fact, recent findings have shown that of the Fortune 500, only 157 companies (or 31%) had a blog on their business website.

Blogs are powerful tools every business website must have to get more traffic and ultimately, more sales. Blogs are useful in showing your potential customers and current buyers that you are the expert.

And in your blog, you regularly share your expertise and knowledge that demonstrates you are the best place for potential customers to spend their hard-earned bucks.

Use Your Blog to Show Potential Buyers How You’re The Expert Who Can Solve Their Problems

Let me ask you a question, and be 100% honest…

When it comes to buying a product or service from a business, do you typically buy from the (please choose one option below):

  1. Proven expert who knows what they’re doing with the track record and expertise to back it up, or
  2. The unknown provider with no proven success stories on how they’ve solved problems that are similar to yours.

Raise your hand if you’d go with option #1.

OK, now raise your hand if you thought #2 was the better option.

Well, since I can’t really see which option you are voting for or if you’re raising your hand for either option at all, I will take the next logical step and assume how you feel about this.

I’ll take a brisk stroll out on a limb made of redwood that you chose option #1 for which company you’d prefer to buy from.

The True Story of How Blogging Saved A Man’s Small Business 

My “ahh-hah!” moment I had a few years ago about the true power of blogging and how it can transform your business and life came to me when I listed to Marcus “The Sales Lion” Sheridan‘s story at my personal favorite annual sales and marketing conference , the granddaddy of them all, the HubSpot INBOUND conference in Boston, MA.

Marcus "The Sales Lion" Sheridan is an internationally recognized authority and expert on blogging effectively for better business results.
Marcus “The Sales Lion” Sheridan is an internationally recognized authority and expert on blogging effectively for better business results.

Both myself and every single audience member in attendance that day were absolutely stunned to hear about how this small business owner from Virginia turned his struggling company into an absolute powerhouse in their industry.

I was beyond inspired in learning the exact steps he took to achieve his goals and about how he transformed his failing business into a successful corporation with millions in annual sales.

How did he do it?

If seeing is believing, then you owe it to yourself and the success of your business to watch this important video right now.

It will reveal how Marcus Sheridan used blogging to  get more traffic to his business website, River Pools.

It will also uncover the answer to the most-asked question when it comes to blogging for business: what do kind of content should I write about on my business website’s blog to get more traffic and increase sales leads?

Do yourself a favor and watch this 4-minute and 17-second video right now on how to blog your business to the top of your marketplace and search engine hits:

Blogging and creating useful online content on your website like we’ve seen Amy Elizabeth at TBN Ranch and Marcus Sheridan from The Sales Lion and River Pools in Virginia.

They are two successful business owners who shared tremendously useful content that built trust among their buyers and positioned them as the proven experts in their types of offerings.

Closing Thoughts On How To Use Blogging to Increase Sales…

If I could offer any useful tips on how to make your business blog more interesting, it’s this: Be creative!

There’s no hard and fast rule that your blog must only be written articles.

In fact, changing it up with things like recorded videos, new products announcements, industry trend reports, and other useful content for your audience will get your website clicked on by more potential first-time buyers and long-term customers.

Still Hungry for More Useful Blogging Tips for Generating Massive Amounts of Web Traffic?

If you are interested in learning more useful blog tips and how to increase Web traffic, then check out these selected articles specifically written to help you get started in blogging for your business website:

5 proven techniques to increase Web traffic and make money from your blog that you should’ve tried, like “yesterdoodles”!

5 Proven Techniques To Increase Web Traffic And Make Money From Your Blog That You Should’ve Tried, Like “Yesterdoodles”!

How To Get More Blog Traffic And Be Successful Without Lifting a Finger

How to Get More Blog Traffic And Be More Successful Without Lifting a Finger

The 7 Easy Steps To Writing a More Useful Blog Post

The 7 Easy Steps to Writing A More Useful Blog Post

7 Reasons Why I Switched From GoDaddy to BlueHost

3 Reasons Why I Switched to Bluehost from GoDaddy

Better Blogging for Business Training

Another great place to learn how to blog for business is to check out conferences and seminars designed to teach busy entrepreneurs and small business owners the ins and outs of creating powerful, revenue generating blogging techniques.

One such conference is the mega-popular Sleek Marketing University conference which was recently held this past May in Cambridge, MA.

The Founder of thoughtlight and Sleek Marketing University, Christina Inge is considered to be one of the leading business blogging experts.
The Founder of thoughtlight and Sleek Marketing University, Christina Inge is considered to be one of the leading business blogging experts.

This incredible annual celebration of all things blogging and generating higher traffic through powerful content is the brainchild of legendary Boston badA$$ business blogging boss, Christina Inge.

Do You Finally See Why Blogging Really Works To Increase Web Traffic?

As a business owner myself, I’ve been in your shoes.

You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of having pathetic Web traffic to your business website. Enough is enough. It’s time for a change.

And that time is now.

Because it’s YOUR time, once and for all, to take control of your future!

You Owe This To Yourself, Your Company, And Your Future

Believe the hype, because it’s true what the experts are saying about the power of blogging and how it can explode your sales.

Effective blogging techniques could single-handedly catapult your business Website traffic into positively absurd levels of popularity.

That’s exactly what I expect to happen if you follow the advice and steps I’ve laid out for you here.

It is my sincere belief that if you follow this blueprint for business success, then your dream of running a profitable business will absolutely be your successful result.

All you have to do is follow everything I’ve given you in this one, simple article on how to grow your business Web traffic and sales.

Do you expect to be successful with blogging to increase your success?

Great, that makes two of us!

Now it’s just up to you to take what I’ve shared with you in both this post as well as many others I’ve included here to help you accomplish your Website goals for your business.

Are you ready to take what’s yours and create the most popular website for your business that will make your competition green…with envy?

Then let’s take it on home and review what we’ve learned about the most effective way to increase your website’s traffic.

The Sum Up

Are you being kept awake at night thinking of ways of generating more online traffic to your website ?

Then blogging may be your answer!

Blogging is a proving method of growing Web traffic because you show potential buyers how you solve their specific problem with your product or service.

By proving yourself as an expert and providing value and assistance to your potential market, you are stacking the deck in your favor of getting more Web traffic and expanding the base of potential customers who know about you.

I almost forgot! Can you please help me real quick?

Also, you can say no…but I’d really appreciate it if you could help me out for a quick second and I promise it won’t take long or cost you one red cent.

If you found this article to be useful at all, in any way, in helping you learn how to increase traffic to your business website with blogging, then could you please do one of two options (or both, if you’re feeling extra helpful!).

Could you please:

1. Please share your insights and opinions on how a blog can benefit a business and drive more Web traffic while increasing sales in the comments below.

2. Please share this article about increasing Web traffic to a business website with your social networks by using the social sharing buttons below.

By sharing this useful knowledge with others in your social networking, you are helping others to grow and succeed, not just in life, but in generating more Web traffic as well.

Thanks for your help and I hope you learned at least one new way to generate more traffic to your business website by reading this article.

(And if you didn’t, then…congratulations, you already know all there is to know about generating high traffic to your website with blogging!)

James K. Kim About James K. Kim
James K. Kim (Jim) is a commercial real estate advisor with Pyramid Brokerage Company of Albany, Inc. in the Capital Region of New York, specializing in helping business owners expand into new locations or sell/lease a commercial retail, office, industrial, or investment property.

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