How to Use LinkedIn To Increase Your Sales 10X In 1 Year (or less)

LinkedIn Secret to Increasing sales 10X

As a professional salesperson, I hear a lot of other sales professionals asking how to use LinkedIn to help them sell more.

There are many strategies, and I’ve tried a bunch to mixed success. Some good, some great.

However, there’s one method that stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to filling your sales pipeline full of warm leads using LinkedIn that will result in 10X more sales in 1 year (or less).

Would you be open to the idea of seeing what this is?


Here’s the dirty little secret on how to use LinkedIn to help you close 10X more deals in 1 year (or less).

When looking through LinkedIn profiles for possible customers, don’t just look for people who can benefit you.

Instead, look for who YOU can help.

It sounds so simple that it’s almost kind of stupid, right?

Well, it is. But it works!

You wouldn’t believe the amount of people out there who enjoy being helped with your knowledge and experience!

All it takes is a little imagination.

And as Albert Einstein once famously said:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Sometimes I’ll be checking out LinkedIn profiles, looking for possible customers for the company I work for, Seamless Contacts.

And every once in a while, I’ll find a business professional that I can help with our:

  • Unparalleled access to 100% researched, validated, and verified sales leads with real-time updated and accurate contact information including direct dials and email addresses.
  • Fully automated prospecting that helps salespeople spend less time hunting and more time closing.
  • Instant sales intelligence that helps salespeople know everything they must know about a prospect before you pick up the phone.

Let me ask you a question…would you agree that these three things will help you sell more?

Say…10X more?

Then try this useful technique the next time you make a connection request on LinkedIn.

Do this enough times, and you will forge yourself a super network that is an absolute goldmine of hot leads anxiously waiting to hear from you.

Stop Making This Fatal, Sales-Killing Mistake On LinkedIn

When you find a profile for a business professional that you believe you can help, send them a LinkedIn connection request.

However, do NOT use the standard “I’d like to add you to my LinkedIn network” default message.

What’s the value in that? None.

Instead, try this.

Write a customized message that explains how you can help them with your knowledge and experience.

When you offer to help, the other person may feel either creeped out or grateful or an uneven mix of both.

But if you use that lame default connection request, then you are not offering anything useful, at least nothing obviously useful.

Here’s an example of a connection request message that communicates how one provides useful value:

LinkedIn secret to increasing sales 10X



Try writing your own value-adding message the next time you request a connection from someone on LinkedIn.

You will quickly find that when you do this enough times, your network will not only help you make a sale, but you will never have to cold call again or hear the sales objection, “I’m all set.”

At least…not as much.

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