Nervous about your energy costs this winter? Here’s a possible solution.

“Winter is coming.”

(Sorry, couldn’t resist…)

Let’s get serious for a minute and talk about your energy costs for your home and business.

Don't let us freeze this winter because you couldn't pay the energy bill.
Don’t let us freeze this winter because you couldn’t pay the energy bill.

For many energy customers, the long, cold, bleak winter months mean increased energy usage.

This of course translates to higher variable rates which ultimately lead to less money in your pocket…money that was earmarked toward helping you achieve your future dream life for you and your loved ones.

What is the solution to high energy costs?

If you live in a state with deregulated energy, then now is the PERFECT time to lock in a LOW FIXED RATE.

Lock in a fixed energy rate now ==>

That means you have the freedom to choose your energy supplier, at no cost, and with no disruption of service.

In fact, if the fixed rate is lower than your current rate, then doesn’t it make sense to switch your energy supplier to take advantage of the lower rate to reduce your energy costs and not leave any money on the table?

Why lock in a fixed rate on your energy?

Fixed rate customers enjoy greater stability with a known rate that’s “locked-in” for the duration of the contract.

Not even a change in the weather can affect this rate.

As the head of household, you must decide for yourself whether a fixed rate plan best meets your needs. Lock in a fixed rate now to avoid paying higher energy rates this winter.

There are also renewable energy options to help decrease the environmental impact on Mother Earth, ensuring our kids’ kids have a thriving planet they can call “home”.

Does this make sense?

If this makes sense to you (and your wallet), check out your Fixed Rate Plan options online at:

Lock in a fixed energy rate now ==>

This winter, don’t get “left out in the cold” with a high energy bill that you could’ve avoided by locking in a fixed rate when you had the opportunity.

It’s no accident you’re reading this…could the reason be it’s now time to lock in a fixed energy rate?

Lock in a fixed energy rate now ==>


Feel free to reach out to me anytime, I am here to help and offer value with my services and knowledge to help people achieve their goals.

Oh, and by the way…

When you switch to a fixed rate plan, you are helping to eradicate hunger in North America.

Our charitable partnership with Project Feeding Kids helps provide meals for the nearly 16 million children in need across the country. Every time someone signs up to lock in a fixed rate, one meal will be provided to a hungry child for charity.

energy costs
Every time you pay your bill, a child gets a meal through our partnership with Project Feeding Kids.

Let me ask you…

Is your current energy provider helping to feed starving children?

If not, consider making making the switch to lock in a fixed rate, feed a hungry child, and keep more of your hard-earned cash in your pocket to help you create your vision for the future now.

Lock in a fixed energy rate now ==>


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