Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips When You Have No Budget

In today’s era, marketing plays a vital role in the success of a business.

To survive in the market, it’s essential for business owners to spread a word about their company’s services and products that can only be done through proper branding and advertisement.

The department of marketing in a company is responsible to increase positive brand awareness by implementing effective strategies.

If we talk about traditional ways of marketing that have been used over the centuries and still continue to do so television, newspaper and billboard advertisements come at the top.

Business owners are also adopting new methods of promoting their products and services by conducting roadshows, seminars and surveys.

These all old and new ways of marketing are quite costly and require a fat budget, which is not affordable for every firm, especially the small start-up businesses. For all those with little or no budget, social media marketing is the only way out!

Apart from communicating and giving opinions, the platform of social media can also be used for business marketing. In fact, people are already using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and twitter to spread a positive vibe about their brand.

Nearly one-third of the world’s population uses social media

This means there can be no better place to interact with consumers to inform them about your latest products and useful services.

And the best part is, you can do social media marketing with ‘No-Budget’!

Here are top 10 social media marketing tips for business owners to spread brand awareness without spending a single penny:

1. Create a Facebook Page

More than 90 percent of the world’s population uses Facebook declaring it to be the leading social media platform. Create an official page on Facebook and use this highly active place to market your brand with no budget.

It’s pretty easy to create a page on Facebook and requires no fee. Put up a nice attractive cover image and start posting relative information about your company. You can also post videos and images for better awareness.

2. Put videos on YouTube

If you have got a good camera and some skills of creating videos by using digital tools, you can also make YouTube your marketing companion.

Videos attract the customers more than images and written content do. Hence, you may either create a real-life video featuring your close friends who can work for free to advertise your company or you can also go for explainer videos that are trending much these days.

Use online free tools and help from IT friends to create an amazing animated explainer video. Once the videos are made, upload on YouTube for free and enjoy no-budget marketing!  

3. Use Pinterest for visual marketing

As visual marketing is trending these days, no doubt Pinterest is the best platform to market your brand for free!

But one technical thing you need to understand about Pinterest is that its users are more into lifestyle theme hence do not promote your products but pin images showing a better lifestyle using your products.

Create visuals that represent gift and lifestyle ideas using your products or services to attract people. You will need no money but only creativeness to come up with great innovative ideas.

4. Blogging

Write about your brand and publish! You can create your own blog for free or write for another popular blog that will even get you some money.

You may also embed the link of your original brand website that will take readers directly to your official page to acquire a detailed information about your products and services.

5. LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn is a place for professionals and it can be used to market your company among successful entrepreneurs. Create your personal profile and then move on to setting up a company page.

Put up relative content including goals and values of your brand. Make contacts through your personal profile to spread the link of your company page.

6. Join social media communities

Another tip for free social media marketing is to become an active member of communities on different platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Being a part of community you will be able to connect with a lot more people. Participate in the community conversation to establish your brand name and spread awareness.

7. Conduct contests

You may also engage customers and market your brand by conducting interesting contests.

These contests will drive people to your official pages and websites to know more about the brand. The more people will participate, the more publicity your company will get.

8. Use Social Media management tools

For effective and free social media marketing, you can also use social media management tools.

These free online tools will enable you to publish content across different platforms and also allows users to schedule posts in advance.

9. Post consistently and more frequently  

Whether you use twitter, Facebook or YouTube, you need to post consistently.

Putting up a post and coming back after days to put another one is not going to work. You need to post more frequently to keep customers engaged. From every small to bigger update, keep posting it again and again by using innovative ways.

For instance, if there is a sale going on your brand outlet, you got to post about it at least twice a day until the sale goes off. Moreover, you need to grab customers’ attention by publishing new updates consistently otherwise they will forget about your brand.

10. Post what attracts!

When it comes to social media marketing, the most important thing is to publish good content because quality outshines quantity.

Although posting consistently is important to engage consumer, publishing a catchy content is far more essential. You cannot post irrelevant material and expect from people to know your brand.

Be very picky about the content to be posted on social medial platforms and make sure it’s informative and helpful for your targeted audience. Try to come up with attractive marketing content to seek audience attention.


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