Does gluten-free pizza taste like real pizza?

It wasn’t until I started this blog earlier this year that I really looked into organic food and got more educated on the health and environmental benefits of eating organic and non-GMO food.

I was trying to figure out how to be a successful blogger (still am!), so I visited other more popular blogs to study their writing style in order to improve my own.

In my quest to learn how to write as a real blogger, I stumbled across the Food Babe’s blog.

I liked her writing and her advice on healthy eating. I also learned more about organic food and healthy living.

In her post about an organic food delivery service, she writes about a company called The Green Polka Dot Box.

Aside from a wide variety of snacks, cold, and dry foods, the Box folks also sell things like soap and environmentally sustainable house cleaning items.

Armed with a coupon code for 10% off, Food Babe’s post convinced me enough to give it a try.

I ordered a bunch of different foods to sample, including the first one I’ll review, the Bold Organics Veggie Lovers Pizza.

A few days later, this package showed up via FedEx:

Green Polka Dot Box organic food assortment
Get organic food delivered right to your door. It’s the best thing since getting sliced bread delivered right to your door.

My preconceived notions about GLUTEN-FREE PIZZABlogging with John Chow will show you everything you need to know to make money with your blog and live the dot-com lifestyle.

The Bold Organics Veggie Lovers Pizza contains no gluten, wheat, dairy, and a whole bunch of other things that made me wonder if this pizza was going to taste good at all.

When I order pizza, I typically like to order veggie pies since the veggies make me think I’m eating a healthyish type of pizza. That’s why I opted for the Veggie Lovers to try.

The Veggie Lovers has “a mouth-watering medley of organic roasted red peppers, organic roasted yellow onions, and shiitake mushrooms” as well as vegan gourmet cheese.

Also, I wouldn’t normally even order a frozen pizza, as I like to either make my own or order out.

However, the novelty of a pizza missing so many things filled my nog with many preconceived notions that echoed one thing: this pizza would not be any good.

Note: I am not allergic to gluten or dairy.

So why would I want to eat this? Well, I was still curious about how a pizza made without gluten or real cheese would taste.

To say that I was setting the bar low would be…well, that’d be dead-on accurate. I had low expectations for how this pizza would react in my mouth with my taste buds and my brain.

First impressions

First, the pies are actually a bit smaller than what you would expect, maybe about 6 inches in diameter, which is similar to the Pizza Hut Personal Pan pizzas.

Bold Organics Veggie Lovers gluten-free Pizza closeup
For not having so much stuff, it still looks like a pretty decent pizza.

The pizzas cook at 450 degrees for 20 minutes, with an added recommended 2 minutes of broiling.

I like my pies on the crispy side, so I had no beef with these directions just like this pizza had no beef on it.

Bold Organics Veggie Lovers Pizza gluten-free side shot
Here’s a side shot for the pizza crust snobs.

How does it taste?

Upon first bite, the pizza had a nice “bite” to it with the veggies which actually tasted like veggies.

The cheese actually tasted “real” albeit was a bit runny.

The crust was crispy however was still somewhat gooey in the middle.

Maybe if I cooked this thing on a pizza stone, then this probably wouldn’t happen. But I actually didn’t mind it that much.

Would I buy it again?

Overall, I’d say this pizza was decent for being all-vegetarian.

While it’d be tough to really try to replicate a true pizza taste, Bold Organics comes pretty close considering this is missing so many ingredients that health-conscious and people with allergies usually avoid.

I’d probably order this again.

In fact, I did!

I recently ordered the Meat Lovers version from Green Polka Dot Box. I’ll probably write up another review for that as a comparison.

Is organic food more expensive than non-organic?

From my experience, it is, but I also find it is worth it in terms of taste, quality, and health benefits.

One study by shows the cost difference to be as much as 42% higher for organic vs non-organic foods.

It’s well worth a try just to see how you like it and if it’s right for you and your family.

Do you eat organic food?

What are your favorites?

Leave a comment and let’s get ORGANICIZED!


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