5 proven cures for writer’s block that ACTUALLY work!

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Running a successful blog (either for business or pleasure) takes commitment and dedication to learning and improving your skills in order to find success.

This means producing consistent AND useful content for your niche on the reg.

But what happens when you can’t think of anything worthwhile to blog about?

When the dreaded “writer’s block” sets in for bloggers (as it does for ALL of us), you have two choices:

  1. Immediately quit blogging forever.
  2. Conquer your writer’s block and get back on your Grind.

So…which choice would YOU make?

If you chose the first option (“quit blogging forever”), then you can stop reading this blog post right now because it won’t be useful to you.

However, if you chose option #2, then please continue reading 5 proven cures for writer’s block that actually work!

Because, who knows…it might just be useful to you, your blog, and your dreams:

5. Write an email to a friend

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Image courtesy of Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Believe it or not, many of my blog posts have actually started out as emails to my fam.

I’d be writing to a friend about something related to small business, social media marketing, blogging, or life and then a few minutes would pass before I realized:

“Hey! This would make a good blog post!”

So then I’d quickly copy and paste the email text into Word and I’d re-arrange it into a blog post.

The “writing an email to a friend” method of curing writer’s block is effective for two reasons:

  1. Your writing will be in the normal, conversational tone you probably already use in your emails to friends and family.
  2. You are back to writing. So that means your writer’s block is cured!

Helpful tip: even if you don’t intend to actually write an email to a friend, you can at least pretend you are writing an email to a friend in order to get your blog post started.

But you should send that email anyway.

Your friend might appreciate hearing from you!

4. Warm up with free writing

Imagine going to the gym and immediately picking up a pair of 60-lb. dumbbells and doing bicep curls without any warmup.

Some people might be able to do this without any issue, such as the Internet sensation and very strong man CT Fletcher.

WARNING – This video is Not Safe For Workplace (or N.S.F.W. as an acronym) viewing due to inappropriate language.

However, in this context, the language is pretty frickin’ appropriate:


However, it’s usually a good idea to warm up and stretch in order to perform your best and avoid injury.

The same principle can be applied to writing a blog post.

A simple warmup exercise called “free writing” will get your mind warmed up to produce quality content for your blog’s readers.

How do you free write?

When I free write, I usually open a blank Microsoft Word document if I’m near my computer or I grab a pen and my Moleskine.

Then, I begin writing whatever is on my mind, even if it’s something like, “I don’t know what to free write about.”

Don’t worry about minor things like grammar or punctuation or if your free writing even makes sense. That is for future revisions before you publish the blog post.

If you want to get over your writer’s block, you will get further by getting on your Grizzy and hustling, rather than wasting time thinking about not writing a blog post.

Continue free writing for a few minutes and usually you will have at least one or even a few good ideas for a blog post.

Remember, every journey to greatness begins with a single step.

Even if your free writing is unusable, you still got your writing on, and that’s how you will get over your writer’s block and get on with writing your blog and achieving your dream.

3. Make an outline

We've all come close to doing this!
Image courtesy of Phaitoon/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Sometimes you might have a vague, general idea for a potential blog post.

And that’s a good opportunity to write up a quick outline to get the creative process going.

Once you start the creative process, then your writer’s block will quickly dissipate, and your blog post will almost write itself!

When I outline a blog post, I’ll typically start with a rough title and main subject idea. Then, I’ll add a list of the supporting points.

Here’s what a typical outline looks like:

  • A general title or a main idea for the blog post
  • Supporting points (e.g. 5 things to write about in this blog post)

And that’s it! Once I have those basics, then I am ready to get my blog on because all I needed was a general direction, and it’s on like Donkey Kong on Donkey Kong Jungle Juice Energy Drink.

2. Watch TV

Blog posts are typically engaging, informative, and useful to your niche, or the intended audience for your blog.

So watching a show that is also engaging, informative, and useful will get your brain “warmed up” and in the right frame of mind to blog.

Once you sit down at the computer, the words will flow much easier.

It may seem counterintuitive, but watching a hilarious comedy sitcom will put you in the right mood and mindframe to write a blog post.

Here’s a clip from one of my favorite shows, Workaholics on Comedy Central:


Or you can just watch random funny YouTubes, such as this one called Top 10 reasons accountants are cooler than you think:


1. Find your “Creative Wheelhouse”

If you are still struggling to break out of your writer’s block, then you may be trying to force out an idea or a point that is simply not ready to come out of the oven yet.

That’s why it’s important to figure out your primary time of day (or night) for when you are MOST creative and ready to write. This is your “creative wheelhouse”.

This creative wheelhouse is when you will do your BEST writing and hit home runs, just like the BEST slow-pitch softball home run hitters in the world, the Long Haul Bombers:



It doesn’t matter if you write for your business blog or for your personal blog (which may someday turn into your business blog), because there will be times where you do not know what to blog about.

And when that happens, then I got two words for you:

Don’t trip!

Writer’s block and not knowing what to write about next is a natural part of the dot-com lifestyle.

Trust.  It happens to ALL bloggers, even O.G.’s in The Game.

But the good bloggers and truly fearless creativepreneurs are the ones who have what it takes to not let writer’s block get in the way of achieving their dream.

I hope these 5 tried and true methods of curing your writer’s block will help you in your journey to success in business and in life.

And if not…then you could always re-read this blog post about curing your writer’s block and maybe it will give you some ideas to blog about!


Have you ever had writer’s block?


What did you do to cure your writer’s block?


Leave a comment and let’s talk this one out.

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