The Ultimate Cold Calling Script [FREE TEMPLATE]

Early in my sales career, I thought using a cold calling script would make me sound like an awkward telemarketer from 1989.

However, after hundreds of hang-ups and hearing many “not interested” objections, I was banging my head against the wall in frustration.

“Great.” I thought sarcastically. “Is working in inside sales yet another failure in my professional career?”

What’s the definition of insanity?

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I knew that if I wanted to change the results of my floundering sales, then I must change something that was fundamentally wrong in my sales process.

After much soul-searching, I begrudgingly decided to try working from a cold calling script on my calls.

Afterall, I had nothing to lose…but everything to gain!

How I created this proven cold calling script 

I analyzed hundreds of my previous cold calls and looked for what my prospects responded to the best (and worst).

I supplemented this research by reading dozens of articles written by leading sales experts, leaders, and trainers on what exactly makes an effective cold call script.

After some trial and an epic amount of error, I had finally came up with an effective cold calling script that I’ve found to dramatically improve the overall quality of my sales calls.

And now I am proud to share that same cold calling script with you. FOR FREE!

This same cold calling script has ultimately improved my closing rate working in inside sales at Seamless Contacts, an online tool that helps B2B salespeople sell 10X faster by automating the two biggest time-drain’s on a salesperson’s day: prospecting and pre-call research.

Why should you use a cold calling script?

cold calling script
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Every TV show and movie has a script.

However, the actors who are saying the lines from the script are so well-rehearsed that they do not actually sound scripted. (Unless, of course, you’re watching some crappy reality TV show.)

There are a number of valid reasons why you ABSOLUTELY must use a script when making cold calls to potential buyers:

Using a cold calling script will help you avoid sounding like a blabbering idiot

If you’re a “Captain Wing-It” when making cold calls without a script, then chances are each of your calls sounds different from the other (and probably getting progressively worse and worse.)

You may also be missing boatloads of opportunities to qualify (I’ll explain what this means later) or even close the sale because your mind is pre-occupied with trying to think of what to say next.

A good cold calling script will help you focus on actually listening to the prospect. And the more you listen to the prospect, the more you will be able to:

  • Learn important information about your prospect
  • Build rapport
  • Establish trust
  • Demonstrate exactly how your product will solve your prospect’s business challenges

And these are the exact things that a top 20% salesperson must do on a daily basis!

Also vitally important is the ability to answer any objections that your prospect may bring up during your cold call.

I’ve written previously about how to answer the 5 most common objections. Print out these rebuttals and have them ready when making cold calls in addition to your script.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Be prepared and expect the unexpected on your cold calls.

The more you are prepared and ready to anticipate, the more likely your cold call will result in something positive for your sales process.

Accomplish the most basic and crucial requirements of a cold call (i.e. gain interest, qualify, set the appointment), then chances are good you’ll advance the process to the most important conversation in sales: the next conversation.

Doing these things will ultimately help you sound more professional at all times.

You will also avoid difficult scenarios where you leave out critical information or fail to qualify the prospect before hanging up.

Remember, the ultimate, long-term goal of cold calling is to build up your pipeline of qualified prospects who can be converted into paying customers.

Without a steady and consistent pipeline of prospects, your chances of becoming a top-performing, quota-exceeding sales professional will be much lower.

Set yourself up for success today and achieve the results you want tomorrow. Use this proven cold calling script to help you set more appointments and ultimately close more deals.

All good cold calling scripts MUST include this…

cold calling scripts
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Another important goal of cold calling is to qualify your prospect.

In other words, you must ensure the prospect you are calling has the:

  • Need for your product
  • Ability to use your product
  • The means to pay for your product

And perhaps most importantly, you must be talking to the actual decision maker: the person with the authority to approve the purchase of your product or service.

Having a good cold calling script will put, front and center, the exact qualifying questions you must ask your prospect to ensure you are talking to the right person.

Putting these qualifying questions into your cold call script will ensure you are not wasting your prospect’s time or yours.

Why qualify prospects on every cold call?

Let’s face it…as a professional salesperson, you are judged solely on your results and how much revenue your bring into the company.

Failing to qualify your prospect may result in lost opportunities to speak with more qualified prospects who had the budget, need, and means to buy exactly what you’re selling.

Trying to sell to unqualified prospects is an exercise in utter futility.

Simply put, you have wasted your time…valuable time you could’ve spent talking to a qualified prospect who could actually buy and use your product!

Remember, the #1 resource every professional salesperson has is time.

Are you wasting this valuable and shrinking resource called “time”?

Or are you among the top 20% of salespeople who are using their time wisely to close more sales and help more people remove the obstacles blocking their path to success?

An effective cold calling script helps you do this

cold calling scripts
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Before I started using a cold calling script, I was missing a lot of what my prospects were saying because I was so intent on coming up with something meaningful to say when it was my turn to talk.

However, a good cold calling script will serve as a logical guideline and blueprint for moving the conversation from one logical step to the next.

And you won’t have to worry trying to think of what to say next since it’s all right there in front of you.

And now…here is a FREE cold calling script template to help you close more sales!

I’m sharing with you a cold calling script template that is based on the actual script I use when speaking with prospects.

You’ll see that I’ve noted some areas where you can customize with specifics for your product or service you’re selling.

IMPORTANT: To get the most out of this cold calling script template, I highly recommend not changing the parts of the cold calling script that I’ve found are proven to work. I’ve noted the areas you can modify to fit your product or service. But if you want to increase the sales you make from your cold calls, then I strongly advise keeping the parts of the cold calling script that I’ve found to be most effective.

In my 2+ years of working in inside sales, I’ve made literally tens of thousands of cold calls.

Admittedly, some were good, some were great, and some were an absolute trainwreck.

Rest assured, what I’m sharing with you below is proven to be the most effective cold call script I’ve used that gets results (e.g. closed deals):


Hi, [PROSPECT’S NAME] this is [YOUR NAME] with [YOUR COMPANY]. How’s your [TODAY’S DAY] going?

(note: I’ve found that ‘How’s your Tuesday (or whatever day it is you’re calling) going?” gets a more positive response from cold calling prospects than the standard ‘How are you?’ I’m not sure why, but it just is.)

Listen, [PROSPECT’S NAME], I know you probably get a ton of calls so I’ll make this quick.

In a nutshell, we help companies to [STATE THE PROBLEM OR HOT BUTTON ISSUE YOU SOLVE e.g. reduce costs, raise revenues, save time, make it easier, etc.]. We do this by [HOW YOU SOLVE THE PROBLEM ], making it [BENEFITS FOR CUSTOMER]. 

[PROSPECT’S NAME], would you be open to the idea of just seeing how this works?


Great, quick question [PROSPECT’S NAME]: who else is involved in the decision making process for something like this?

And what do they usually do in this kind of situation? Does it make sense to you to have them see this as well?

How will you make a decision if we’re a good fit?


Great, [PROSPECT’S NAME]. It sounds like it could be a good fit. How does your calendar look for [DAY] at [TIME] your time?


Finally, a Step-By-Step Selling System That Can Generate Big Results Without Turning You Into a Sleazy Used-Car Salesman
Finally, a Step-By-Step Selling System That Can Generate Big Results Without Turning You Into a Sleazy Used-Car Salesman

By following the proven cold calling script I’ve shared with you above, you will quickly find that your cold calls will improve exponentially.

A good cold calling script should help you in setting more appointments and ultimately closing more sales.

Use a cold calling script and practice it to the point where it sounds completely natural.

Record yourself using this script and play it back to hear what you sound like.

What went well?

More importantly…what can you improve?

When it comes to making cold calls for sales, it’s true: sales really is a numbers game. But it’s also a quality game.

A high quality cold calling script will help you achieve your highest potential, not just in life but in sales as well.

The more dials you make, the more appointments you set for your presentations, which ultimately leads to more closed sales.

By using a winning cold calling script, you’ll quickly find that you be making more cold call dials.

Make more dials, and you will dramatically increase the number of quality conversations with potential buyers.

And this will ultimately lead to more sales. The more sales you close, the more people you will help to achieve success in life.

Isn’t that what life is really about?

sales rebuttals training audios

Do you use a cold calling script?

How does a cold calling script help you close more sales?

Please leave a comment below and help other sales professional with your cold calling knowledge!


James K. Kim About James K. Kim
James K. Kim (Jim) is a commercial real estate advisor with Pyramid Brokerage Company of Albany, Inc. in the Capital Region of New York, specializing in helping business owners expand into new locations or sell/lease a commercial retail, office, industrial, or investment property.

121 thoughts on “The Ultimate Cold Calling Script [FREE TEMPLATE]

  1. I am a golf instructor and owner of Get Golf Schools. Is there a different script for services and products or are they the same? Selling golf schools is very difficult and I need help!

    1. Hey Greg,

      Love this question! It makes no difference whether your product is tangible or not, the main focus for a prospecting call is to emphasize the end-user benefits and determine whether the prospect has any interest in learning more details.

      For your golf school sales example, I would consider using something like this if you are talking to a prospective student:

      “Our students have told us that learning all the proper techniques taught by our professional instructors in a relaxed yet challenging environment has helped shave 20 strokes off their average score…and that’s on a bad day! Mr. Prospect, would you be open to seeing a new way you can cut 20 strokes off your golf game without spending a ton of time or money?”

      This is obviously just one method you could use, but I recommend testing out 3-4 different versions and see what resonates best with your prospects and results in the most sign-ups for your golf school.

      Hope this helps, Greg, and thanks for reading!

      1. Hello Jim, How’s your Wednesday going? I like the student prospective given for the golf school. Do you have a similar script for a small IT school looking to increase student enrollment by 10 students a month? The course is a 4 month program with 2 IT certifications. Our success rate is 95% completion and job placement. What kind of script do you suggest?


  2. Hi Jim,

    I hope you are having a great day!

    Do you have any cold call script in selling graphics & printing services in a school or universities? Also how to followup emails.

    Your response is much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Joel,

      When coming up with a cold call script, it’s important to think about the hot button issues you can solve for your clients. If your printing services can save your clients more money than your competitors, then work this into the script. Something like,

      “Hi, Mr. Prospect, this is Joel with ABC Printing. How’s your [DAY] treating you? Great. Hey, reason I’m calling is we recently saved [RELEVANT CLIENT NAME] over [percentage or dollar] on their printing costs, and I wanted to see if we might be able to help you as well. Do you have a few minutes next week for a quick chat?”

      Basically, you want to bring up the known issue your solution can help solve, and either mention how you helped a relevant competitor to overcome it or how you are the specialists in providing the best service, lowest prices, etc. Just remember that you want to pique interest to have another conversation at a more convenient time. That’s all a cold call should be. It’s a conversation to get to the next conversation.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Jim ,

    Greetings of the day!

    Hope you are doing good,

    My situation is ,i am working in hotel industry, i need to make call to describe the offers , how can i do this for Indian restaurant so that guest will impress and they feel their benefits also. kindly assist.



    1. Hey Sukhi,

      How about this:

      “Hi [GUEST NAME], this is Sukhi from the [HOTEL NAME].

      I personally wanted to invite you to dine with us this evening in the [RESTAURANT]. Our chef has been preparing his world-famous biryani since very early this morning. The kitchen smells wonderful! May we reserve the 7pm seating for you and your party this evening?”

      If the guest says yes, then book the reservation, thank them, then say:

      “Wonderful, we will see you and your party of [NUMBER IN PARTY] tonight for a delicious and satisfying meal with your friends at [HOTEL NAME]. Good day!”

      If the guest says no, then say:

      “Not a problem, I understand that you may have other plans. If your dinner plans change, do keep us in mind. Also, perhaps you can join us later this evening for our famous gulab jamun as well. Good day!”

      If the guest says they’re not sure, then say:

      “Not a problem, I understand that you may be new to this area and you’re not sure what there is to offer. How about this, [NAME]. Why don’t you just stop by the restaurant for a free appetizer on the house. If you like it, then stay for dinner. If not, then the night is all yours. How does that sound, [NAME]?”

      Hope these help you increase your restaurant sales, Sukhi!

  4. Hi Jim, what about trying to sell safety consulting services? The down side to the niche market l have chosen is that they are extremely reactive and generally only seek advice when they are about to be or have been fined. Furthermore, a large portion of the market is mum/dad (small-med) operations. Your thoughts/comments would be appreciated.
    Thanks Jim.

    1. Timur,

      I’ve found that most people put more stock into that which they realize for themselves, than what you tell them.

      In the case of safety consulting, consider the fact that many prospective clients have not experienced any issues. However, this does not necessarily guarantee that something unfortunate might never occur in the future.

      In fact, make sure you tell your prospective clients this important fact. Here’s a script you can try in response to “Nothing really bad has happened yet…why should I buy your security services?”

      I can understand why you might feel that way, Mr. Prospect.

      But would you agree that just because nothing bad has not happened before…does not mean nothing bad will never happen in the future.

      You just don’t know. But as someone who talks to a lot of people who have not had as much good fortune as you…I can say this with 100% honesty:

      Using this safety device will increase the likelihood that nothing bad will ever happen. But you can’t increase your odds if you don’t make the decision to do the things that increase your odds.

      And Mr. and Mrs. Prospect, that’s what you really want, isn’t it?

      Let’s get started on the paperwork now and have you out the door in record time. How does that sound?”

      It’s your mission to help them understand this important point. Afterall, sales is nothing more than the “transference of a feeling”, as Zig Ziglar liked to say.

      Timur, I hope this response helps you to help more people live in comfort and security. Because when that happens…society benefits.

  5. HI Jim,

    pleasant day to you,
    i need help as well
    my situation is i need to search as much as i can OPTICAL SHOPS, we are supplier of lenses, Do you have any cold call script in optical services.


    1. Hey Sofia,

      I’d imagine most opticians already have suppliers for lenses and probably don’t feel they have a need to talk to another.

      However, Sofia, your job is to supply them with a REASON to take your call.

      Why are you different? Can you provide a different type of value that their current providers can’t?

      If you can help opticians to save a significant amount of money, then state that and be prepared to give a few quick examples, preferably of that optician’s competitors.

      Sofia, you need to give opticians a reason to speak to someone who might disrupt their status quo. You just need show them how this disruption to their business can actually be an improvement to their status quo.

  6. I’m really struggling to develop a script. I broker freight. My company finds a truck and finds someone who needs product shipped on a truck. We do a very good job making sure the run goes as smoothly as possible but it takes a while to explain what we do and it’s hard to define exactly how much better we are than other providers of the same service. I cant seem to synthesize down to a clean script. Help!

    1. Hey Ashton,

      It sounds like the main benefit of using your services is saving money and ensuring peace of mind that the delivery is made on time and without any issues. You don’t know if prospects are facing any issues with their current providers, but you need to find this information out.

      Rather than blurting out a long, information packed script on why your trucks are the best and your on-time rates are this and that and your prospect just wants to hang up on you because they are busy trying to ship stuff…simply ask your prospect if they can help you for a minute. And usually, they’ll say “Yes” or “What do you mean?”

      Then, you can respond with:

      Yes, I’m wondering if you can help me learn a bit more about your situation regarding freight partners. I ask because we recently helped [competitor 1, 2, and 3] to save X% of money while increasing successful deliveries by Y% and I’m wondering if we might be able to do the same for you. [NAME], let me ask you: if I could show you a new way you could avoid costly delays and increase your deliveries while paying less, would you be open to the idea of seeing how we’re different?”

      Then quit talking and let them respond. You can probably take it from there and lock down the appointment.

      Give it a go and let me know how it goes, AA!

  7. Hey Jim.
    I’ve read your scripts and it helped a lot.
    Would you have a cold calling script for me to promote equities (stock market). What more can i offer my customer than other brokers? What can i say to a customer on why to invest in my company rather than investing in another company where he can get the similar results?

    Your response is highly appreciated.
    Thank you!

  8. Him Jim! I appreciate all of the tidbits I have received from you already.

    I have an Environmental Company that provides Safety/Worker Protection and Emergency Response (ie. Chemical Spills/Leaks, Pipeline Explosions, etc). I am going before very large Companies and CEOs offering Comprehensive expensive services. This can be a very daunting undertaking because of the exclusivity of the vendor list.

    Do you have any script or any advice to help me get my foot in the door with these Large Global Companies? Any advice is appreciated.

    Thanks again!

    1. Lyndon,

      When selling to large enterprise, you need to work your way up the chain.

      Very rarely will a CEO just randomly accept a cold call or meeting with someone he has no idea even got his number.

      You need to start at the bottom of the pyramid and work your way up.

      Who do you know at the company? Look on LinkedIn for any connections, and ask for an introduction.

      If you have no success with that, you could also try calling into the main line and asking to be patched through to the sales department.

      When you speak with a salesperson, explain what you’re trying to do.

      Most salespeople have empathy for other salespeople and are willing to help, provided you return the favor and refer that salesperson to a potential lead as well.

      Ask the salesperson who you can speak with who handles worker safety. They may give you a name.

      Thank the salesperson, then immediately dial the main number and ask for so-and-so, and mention that the salesperson recommended you speak with so-and-so. Also you can then write an email to the decisionmaker, and use the salesperson’s name as the subject line.

      Mention in the email that the salesperson recommended that you connect because you can help improve safety and lower costs.

    1. Hi Kris,

      I need to know a bit more information. Do you cold call people asking if they need a mortgage? Or are you given a list of leads of people who raised their hand and said they need a mortgage. Help me understand a little more about the context of the call you place when prospecting for more business and then I can come up with some ideas to try. How does that sound?

      1. HI Jim,

        I am a Mortgage Loan Originator. I make two types of cold calls. One is cold calls to a list of people requesting information about getting a mortgage. The second is a complete cold call from a list of homeowners that fit a particular scenario. Do you have advice or script specific for Cold Calling to people about refinancing or purchasing a home?

  9. Hi Jim,

    my names Ian and I have an Electrical Installation business in England.

    We’re currently doing ok but I’m looking to develop my client base.
    Sales does not come natural to me as by trade I’m an Electrician and I’d love any tips you have to help me in approach Building/Development companies in getting my foot through the door to deliver further opportunities.
    We provide Industrial and Commercial installations to various clients who re-use us on a regular basis as they like the quality/timely completion of our service.

    Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated !



    1. Hey Ian,

      A great way to get into other companies is through referrals from your current or past clients. Give them a call and ask them who their ideal client would be and you can look into your business network and make an introduction. Then, ask if they know of anyone else looking for electric installation services.

      Using this approach, you first present value to your current/past client by asking how you can help them get more business, and they naturally will want to return the favor.

      Also, I recommend you watch sales training videos from master salespeople such as:

      Grant Cardone
      Brian Tracy
      Zig Ziglar
      Gary Vaynerchuk

  10. Jim Kim,
    Are you familiar with B2C sales? Looking for a script for phone sales selling to potential customers. Not knowing at the time of the call if they are even on medications. We are a locally owned mail order pharmacy. Can you get me started?

    1. Hi Lisa,

      This is a tough one because you are basically casting a wide net and really only looking for just a few prospective customers (those who would be open to using mail order pharmacies over going to their local drugstore).

      I think if you are attempting the “spray and pray” approach, then you’ll need to get right to the point and bring up the hot buttons immediately, which I’ll assume are the rising cost of prescriptions and the inconvenience of having to go to the pharmacy. How about something like…

      Hi, this is Lisa, I’m calling from I Care Pharmacy, we help people lower their prescription costs. We might be able to save you money on your prescriptions if you have a few minutes to chat about that right now?

    2. Hey Lisa,

      Can you help me understand the end goal of these calls? Are you looking for them to sign up over the phone with you or to go online and try it?

      I’ll assume it’s to get them signed on, so here’s what I came up with:

      Hi this is Lisa with I Care Pharmacy. Can you please help me for a minute?

      I’m wondering if you know of anybody who needs to lower their monthly prescription costs?

      If Yes:

      Ok great, and who might that be? Are they available to chat now?

      If No:
      OK, not a problem. May I leave you our website address in case you come across anybody looking to save money on their monthly prescriptions?

  11. Dear Kim,

    Ive been reading and learning very much from this website and first than anything i just want to let you know how much i appreciate all your collaboration.

    Im 23 first job i got was where im currently are(in sales) i work in a company that sells electronics and i have to call corporate chains and try to make business with them. Our company has been growing and the products work awesome so much that return rate is about 0.5% however i dont feel like those things are helping me much(even they should) i usually call buyers with this speech: Good day name have i caught u on the middle of anything(because i read that how are u today is stressfull and many hate it) ? Some say yea busy day call me wednesday or others “no in not busy” or “i am but i could listen whats going on “? If of course they give me the opportunity to speak i say: My name is x calling from xyz have u heard of us ? Buyer : not really Me: well weve been 9 years on business we work with sears,target.kmart,etc etc and the most important companies on USA. Basically we are coming from a great season at q4(because its truth we sold over 100k) and because of the brand growth and acceptation i find myself reaching to u to see opportunities(it is truth because on some companies they didnt sold the wearables category and we started generating traction on it)Some of them say : ok send me a proposal most of them say: ok send me information others or im not interested, im not looking into resources at this time. Then i send the email if they were interested(suppously) and sometimes send them emails saying where u able to see my proposal? They send read receipts but no answer or they dont. Then i talk to them on the phone they tell me “hadnt had time to see it call me on a week” then i call within some days and they tell me i have decided not to move forward. Or i receive an email saying not interested with no reasons or maybe they tell me that they arent doing well with the category or it isnt performing as they wanted try on 4 months from now(and i personally think it might be true because tablet sales decreased, smartwatches also havent moved like they should) but at the same time i know that thinking like that might lead me to a nutshell being a seller. Please note thtat i have been able to do business with 3 or 4 accounts with that message but was i just lucky? What do u think im doing wrong? Any script youd recommend? In advance i infinitely appreciate your help.

    1. John,

      The reason why you might be losing sales is because your call script is almost completely about YOU. Here’s the cold hard truth…nobody cares!

      The prospect only cares about themselves. So what are you going to do FOR them, John?

      Do you follow me?

      If you make the call all about them and get their attention, then they’d be open to setting an appointment to hear more at a convenient time. And that should be your sole purpose on the call…simply to book an appointment at a later time to show them your offerings and see if they’d like to do business with you.

      Try re-writing the script to immediately address a hot button issue they may be facing, and how you can immediately help them solve it.

      Try something like…

      Hi [NAME], this is John with [COMPANY]. We help companies like yours to [address a hot button issue] by [introduce your solution]. If you’re open to hearing more, why don’t we pencil in a chat on your calendar at a time that works for you, say Tuesday at 4pm.

      1. Dear Kim,

        Thank you for your expeditious response ive been reading sales psychology by Brian Tracy and it says ” get more appointments try to make that the priority for your first calls if not you get the not interested or not in market, first sentence should be caughting his attention with your product benefits without talking about your products” but how to do that if you were in my shoes 🙁 with that sounding less scripted and more like if it was something i just had invented ramdomly out of the bour lol ? I yet have some trouble finding the benefits from client other than quality(which book says stop mentioning about because in todays market its assumed that the quality is fair otherwise it wouldnt be on market) or specs, other. I feel like im in a Hole and cant find the way out. Would you help me see the light out of the tunnel ???? i infinitely appreciate your hard work and warm attention.

        1. I mean in his example he was selling sales training programs he said when i said to clients would you be interested to train your sellers? They said we dont have budgect for that or dont have time to train , etc . Instead he refocalized his idea by saying would you be interested on increasing sales 29 or 30% client: yes how do i do that. Seller: Thats exactly what icwant to talk to u about. Buyer: Can u tell me on the phone? Seller:id love to but would rather showing you that(according to book only applies to sales that you cant do personaly which on my case is this ) so then set appointment and say i wanted tictalk with you about benefits of first call. Ok but how do you do such thing aelling electronics? I was thinking on unique advantages vs the competititors like customer support english spanish portuguese for guests 24 hours, again return rate, increase in revenue of category(when on most companys competitors arent selling because of oversaturated pricing and high return which we dont have so doesnt that increases revenue isnt it important to be stressed ?

  12. Hi Jim,
    Would you have a cold calling script for obtaining advertisers for a Sports Talk Radio Show on the AM dial? We also have other avenues to promote the business, such as social media. We appreciate the assistance! Thanks so much !

    1. Hey Jay,

      What is the main benefit of a business advertising on your radio show?

      Do you promise X number of listeners?

      Do you have testimonials from previous advertisers on their ROI for being a sponsor?

      Do you have any social media statistics that will help potential prospects understand why they may have a problem you can solve?

      Hit me back with these details and let’s see what we can come up with.

  13. Hello Jim, any recommendations on how to approach buyers of produce (vegetables) . I work for a wholesale produce company and would like to work in getting new customers. Like in many industries, the produce industry has many competitors and don’t know how to convince the customer to switch from their current provider to us.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Claudia,

      What makes doing business with your company a more valuable experience for your clients than if they went with a competitor? In order words, what are the main benefits of buying from you? If you are comparable in major factors such as price, selection, delivery times, quality, and customer service, then you still need to find a way to differentiate yourselves. Perhaps you can pair up with a charitable organization and offer to teach organic gardening classes to the community for a small investment and a free barrel of produce from your wholesale produce company?

      Just some ideas, let me know what you go with, Claudia!


  14. Hi jim,
    hope you doing good!

    i am sales engineer in a firm in India and we undertake turnkey projects and supply spares for pharmaceutical industries. there is nothing like customer benefit. if they have planning for their new plant or expansion of existing plant then it could work but i am tired if listening ” NO ”. mail you profile and etc…
    what should i do.
    please help me out.
    it would be great to hearing from you the solution..

    Thank you

  15. Hi There, thank you for all the information you’ve provided. I’m looking to create a short script to reach out to medical supplies purchaser. The initial phone call would be to a receptionist who would be prompted for the purchaser’s name and email address. Can you help me create a script that gets the receptionist to disclose that information? Of course they get calls all day every day and receptionist can pick and choose as they please basically. thanks for your help

    1. Hey Marwan,

      I would recommend you do research on LinkedIn before calling these companies, and look for employees with “purchasing” or something to that effect in the job title. Then, you might be able to find their contact information, or at least you can call these companies and ask to speak with them directly.

  16. hi jim

    i am preparing for a script however i am not able to write it down … may be i am very new to this…
    script is for doctors …
    i need to call the doctors and have to convince them for confirming their patients appointments….
    can you please help …

    1. Hey Nitin,

      I am not sure I 100% understand what it is you are trying to accomplish on these calls…you are calling doctors and confirming their own patient appointments?

  17. Hi Kim,

    Its an awesome script and i have been using it past few days. Its really helpful. Thanks for helping out.

    But the ratio of people responding is still low and it does not secure me any appointments. It might be due to the product im focusing. I am a financial planner under an insurance company, and i would like to emphasize on the benefits of medical cards and cancer products.

    Currently i use to tell them that, Do you know 4 out of 1 person gets cancer? Have you prepared your self for an uncertainty?

    Do you have better idea on how can I improve my script?

    Thanks alot!

    1. Hey Reva,

      What are the advantages of having those products vs not having them? If you can come up with 1-2 real examples of savings in time and money for the owner, then they might be able to make the connection to why it’s worth it to look into your products. That is…if the cancer line doesn’t instill fear in them to take action. Which it sounds like it doesn’t. So try my idea for 30 days straight and see if it gets you better results than the status quo.

  18. Hello Jim,
    Thanks for the great info. I am in the storm damage restoration industry, I am mainly calling on multi family management companies and commercial property owners to offer our restoration services, any advice for me?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hey Keith,

      If you have some other property management companies you’re currently working with, it always helps to mention them. Maybe something like, “Hi, this is Keith Bynum, my company repairs roofs damaged from storms. We’re working with other property managers like (fill in names of 2 or 3 companies that would be competitors to the one you’re calling) and I wanted to pencil in a few minutes on your calendar to give you a free assessment on any roof you’ve been thinking of repairing.”

      The idea is, you offer them something of value and you validate yourself by mentioning other companies you’re working with, and this might be worth a meeting to your potential new client.


    2. Hey Keith,

      if you can get a referral from a current management company or commercial owner, that’s always a great way to start. Just call your current client, and try something like:

      “Hey [NAME OF CLIENT], it’s Keith with Revere Roofing. Hey how are things with [ADDRESS OF PROPERTY] these days? Great, hey this is a business call, do you have a minute to help me out? Great, I saw on LinkedIn that we were both connected to [NAME OF PROSPECT]. Would it be OK if I were to call them and mention your name? I see they have a few properties, and I’d like to have an opportunity to help them with our services?”

      At this point, your client may say “Sure, go ahead and mention me. And say, I’ve been meaning to get this one spot on our roof checked out. Can you come take a look?”

      Or they’ll say “No” but still remember that you do roofs and they might have a job for you.

      Give this a try for 30 days straight and let me know if this results in more referrals and more repeat business from current clients.

  19. Hi Jim,

    I have a small business of Logistics & i find it very hard to Calling new Clients as m a very shy person.. M good in operations & management but Cold Calling is just scares me always.. Can you pls advise me to make a good script for calling a new Customer as i want to grow my business to the next level..


    1. Hey Prateek,

      Make it a goal to hear 10 No’s before lunch. Once you hit 10 No’s, go reward yourself with a chai tea or watch funny cat videos on YouTube. Soon, you will get over your fear of making cold calls and hearing “No”. And then you’ll make more calls, which leads to more appointments, which leads to more presentations, which leads to more sales. And that’s what you really want, isn’t it?

  20. Hello, Jim.

    I have to compliment you on your dedication to this site!

    I sell business insurance (General Liability, property, auto, worker’s comp) to businesses, and I am finding it extremely difficult to differentiate myself from all of the other agents out there selling the same.

    Would you have any sort script that you would use for this? In my current script, I’m letting folks know that I can save them thousands on their premium using a few companies in town, whom I’ve helped. Just doesn’t seem to get me past the inevitable “We have an agent.” I know that I can offer them true value, because I’ve done it, but I just can’t get anyone to meet with me. Again, what sort of script would you use to get the appt.?

    Thanks in advance!

    Best, Sean

    1. Hi Sean,

      Thanks for the compliment! I took a little break for a few months recently from posting new content due to a new career change into real estate that took up a lot of my time and energy. However, I’m back to writing more, and will be posting up more content regularly.

      Back to your question. I’ve found that even when most folks are faced with the prospect of saving a significant amount of money, they likely don’t make a move due to a past experience where they thought they’d save a lot of money switching to something, but ended up paying more in the long run. I mean, who hasn’t had that happen to them at least once, am I right? A lot of people let their past dictate the future, or will not be open to really trying anything new…particularly seeing a brand-new agent they know nothing about.

      As much as it pains me to say it…but I do feel the days of randomly calling people out of the blue with zero knowledge about them or their situation have gone the way of Zubaz, the bold and flashy animal-print inspired pattern that was on a lot of NFL merchandise back in the early 90s.

      I had an idea to share with you, Sean, and it could take you a bit more time in research, but would ultimately net you more new customers. And that’s what you really want…isn’t it?

      Here’s what I recommend. Instead of calling folks you know nothing about, take a few minutes to first visit their LinkedIn profile and see who you might know in common. If you have a mutual connection, then reach out to that person via a phone call and say something like,

      “Hey, Sean, how is [THEIR CITY] treating you these days? Great, hey listen this is a business call, do you have a minute to help me out very quickly?

      Great…I saw on LinkedIn that we both are connected to [NAME OF PERSON YOU ARE ORIGINALLY TRYING TO SELL INSURANCE TO]. Let me ask you…how close are you to [him/her]? Would you say you’re close enough to let me mention that I know you when I call them to see if I can help them make sure they are protected just in case anything happens. If they’re not, then I’d like to help them make sure they’re protected by insuring their home, car, and lives and finding them the best price since it seems most people like to save a few thousand extra a year, know what I mean? [PAUSE]

      (at this point, the other person will either say yeah, go ahead and mention my name…also, what’s this about saving a few extra thousand a year? Or, they’ll say no, they don’t know them well…in which case, you can follow up with the below)

      “Hey, I understand it completely, [NAME]. Hey, if you know anyone else who might need any help saving money on their insurance premiums, can you mention my name? I really appreciate your help.”

      So there you go…you have a proven way to get a referral, in which case you can then call the prospect and say, “I was just chatting with [NAME OF MUTUAL CONTACT] and he thought it’d be a good idea for us to connect because I specialize in helping people protect their most important assets, like their homes and their savings. If you’re open to seeing how, why don’t we pencil in a few minutes on your calendar later this week to chat more about it?”

      (try that out, I just kind of came up with that on the spot and I have not sold insurance before, so I’m just kind of freestyling here.)

      Anyway, try making those Circle of Influence (COI) calls to folks you know and it will serve twofold as a means of reminding your friends that you work in insurance and they can come to you with their needs and you will get referrals which help make cold calls just a few degrees warmer, which leads to more appointments which leads to more presentations and ultimately more new customers. And if you’re on board with that, then give this strategy a try for 30 days and see if it nets you more customers.

  21. Hello Mr. Jim ,

    Greetings of the day!

    Hope you are doing well,

    My situation is ,i am working in Brokerage industry (security exchange) , i need to make call to describe the offers , how can i do this for make Local Client so that guest will impress and they feel their benefits also. kindly assist.



    1. Sachin, feel free to use the script template provided in this article and also download the selling scripts book I give you when you sign up for The Idea newsletter.

  22. Hi Jim,

    Found your article helpful.
    New to B2B cold calling – we’re cold calling small business owners and introduce this marketing tool to make AdWords easy for this type of business. Need help with a great opening spiel as the one we are using right now is not letting us get past the opening spiel.

    1. Tiffany, feel free to use the script template provided in this article and also download the selling scripts book I give you when you sign up for The Idea newsletter.

  23. hi jim,

    Greetings of the day!

    Hope you are doing well,
    you so NYC as i can see you can help every 1
    my friend i need help tooo
    can you please prepare a script for sales in computer peripherals and amc ,services
    a different approach is needed
    b2b sales script
    thanks in advance

    1. Alex, feel free to use the script template provided in this article and also download the selling scripts book I give you when you sign up for The Idea newsletter.

  24. Hi Jim

    Do you have any cold call script in selling IT supplies & Mainly Maintenance services?

    Your response is much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    1. Andy, feel free to use the scripts templates provided here or in the free downloadable eBook I give you when you sign up for The Idea eNewsletter. These can be modified to fit your situation and are specifically designed to grab the prospect’s attention and help them make a decision on what to do next.

  25. Hey Jim,

    Really dig your POV on the cold call. I have a situation where I manage a chain of restaurants that offer an incredible hot buffet-style catering product. It’s highly customizable…so no BS about who wants what. (i.e. something for everyone) and highly affordable (under $11 a person). The retail business is pretty solid but catering awareness is most likely low. We could offer a 10% off first order but would rather not. There is a reward program for repeat purchase so spending on an expense account garners personal rewards. The audience would be event planners (e.g. Admins, school teachers, greek systems like frats). I’d appreciate your perspective.

    Many thanks!

    1. Hey Devin,

      Instead of going into the features of the catering equipment, why not first get their input on if they see the value in having more catering business. Now all owners want to add that, so perhaps it’s best to get their mind thinking about what they could do with added revenue from catering orders, and then show them why this equipment is a no-brainer. Give this a try for 30 days, and report back to me the results.

      1. Thx for the response. Sorry if I was not clear. I’m looking for help with a cold calling script for outbound catering sales. All owners already have the offering and need help building the business. They have dedicated sales teams but poor scripts.

        Many thanks.

        1. Devin, a good place to start is by using the template provided in this article and also in the scripts I provide when you sign up for The Idea newsletter. Make sure you focus on the big “What’s in it for me” when you think of how the product you provide can be useful to the end user. Then, consider adding 1-2 MAJOR end user benefits to further edify the value, and then finish with 1-2 similar users of your product who are benefiting from it now.

        2. I think you found your answer, Devin. It’s not about the catering equipment. It’s about offering a solution that builds the owner’s business. And the answer is in the catering solution you can show them.

  26. Hello Jim, How are you?
    My name is Adarsh. first time I’d be doing a cold call. I work for a company that provides 360 degree media soultuion, from tv ads to print ads etc that includes designing and everything. Can you please help me with a good script in regards of the same please.

    1. Adarsh, feel free to use the template provided in the article to help you create an effective cold call script that emphasizes how your solution solves your client’s challenges that are holding them back from success. Also, feel free to subscribe to the newsletter and you will get an eBook of scripts. If you follow these scripts, you will be successful.

    1. Rami, did you read the article? I provided you with a free template to create your own script. I know nothing about your company or what you do, so how do you expect me to write you a script that helps you feed your family and help you achieve your dream? Come on, man! Read the article, read all the articles on this website, and try everything every day for 30 days straight and report back to me with your progress.

      If you are serious about creating the future you want, then you will start today on doing the actions you must do to create your future.

      Does this make sense, Rami? This is more valuable than me writing your script and doing your work for you. The only one who can help you achieve your dreams is you, because nobody cares more about your dreams and your life than you…would you agree, Rami?

  27. Great content here! Awesome cold calling script. Do you have a script you can share to get past gatekeeper? I set appointments for a copier wholesaler. Thanks!

  28. my name is temitope but you can call me victor,im telemarketer for an alternative energy supplier,every time i put a call through to a prospective client i get turned down and its really frustrating wont lie to you.pls how do i improve on my skills as a telemarketer

    1. Hey Victor,

      The fact that you think of yourself as a telemarketer makes me want to hang up on you, and we’re not even talking on the phone!

      First, adjust your mindset to that of an alternative energy consultant. You have knowledge about a way that home owners can reduce their monthly energy costs which will help them afford more of life’s necessities, such as time spent with family. You also have a way to heal Mother Earth, and can we agree she could use more healing these days?

      First, elevate your impression of yourself and your value. Then, your customers will also see that and will be more open to listening to your value offering and will decide for themselves (after you answer their questions) on if they will do business with you…a successful renewable energy advisor with good intentions for customers and Mother Earth.

      Does this make sense, Mr. Victor aka “the Renewable Energy Advisor”?

  29. Hi Jim,

    Great day to you!

    I’ve read all the comments above and your answers were amazing!!!

    I’d like to ask your help. We offer pension reviews. What would be a great script for this.

    Just want to share this, I have been getting hang ups by most customers I call. By the way, we do cold calling.

    Hoping you could help me.

    Thank you,

    1. Hey Tanya,

      Are you starting your call by first asking if they have a pension, and then asking if they are aware of the benefits of having a pension review and how it might help them get more money they deserve? Those are my first questions I’d qualify for and then see how you success rate is affected. Let me know if this helps.

    1. Hey Juliet,

      Have them sign up for my 10-week home study course in how to 10X your income working in inside sales. Do the lessons together each week, apply them to your business, and report back on results.

  30. Hi Jim,

    Good day!

    I find your responses very helpful. Can you please help me come up with a cold-calling script that can be used for prospective clients in a law firm?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hey there,

      How about something like…


      I’m [YOUR NAME] with [YOUR COMPANY]. Do you have 1 minute to help me?

      Great, the reason I’m calling is…We recently helped [THEIR COMPETITOR 1] and [THEIR COMPETITOR 2] to [reduce] their [legal costs] by [X% or X amount]. Do you know anyone who might be open to seeing more information about how we can help with this?


      Great, how does [DAY] at [TIME] look on your calendar for a [chat / visit]. I can show you how we helped these folks, and we’ll see what we can do for you.


      Not a problem, can I shoot over some info for you to check out just in case something pops up in the future? Great, best email address for you? [Add to monthly eNewsletter mailing list where you send valuable and brief content monthly]

  31. Hi Jim,

    Thank you for all your great information! I am new to this cold-calling. I am in an administrative position in my company. We sell pest control products to Pest Control companies. I have been asked to start cold calling businesses to “introduce” ourselves to potential new clients. I don’t have the first clue what to say. Can you look at this script and help me out??
    “Hi, [COMPANY NAME] this is Tara with [MY COMPANY]. How’s your [DAY OF WEEK] treating you? That’s Great. Hey, reason I’m calling is we are the largest distributor in Canada in the Pest Management Industry and we noticed you are not a client of ours and just wanted to introduce ourselves. We carry large variety of products from Glueboards and snap traps to fumigants. We carry a lot of product exclusivity and our own brand of pyrethrin products. You can take a look at our website. We also have sales monthly if you want to stop in and take a look at them”

    1. Hey Tara,

      The key to a good cold call is to immediately pique interest, get their attention, and press a hot button or two that would trigger more interest.

      So how about something like this after you connect with the decision maker:

      Hi [NAME],

      This is [YOUR NAME] with [YOUR COMPANY]. Do you have 1 minute to help me?

      Great, the reason I’m calling is…We recently helped [THEIR COMPETITOR 1] and [THEIR COMPETITOR 2] to [reduce / increase] their [maintenance costs / value of property] by [X% or X dollars]. Do you know anyone who might be open to seeing more information about how we can help with this?


      Great, how does [DAY] at [TIME] look on your calendar for a [chat / visit]. I can show you how we helped these folks, and we’ll see what we can do for you.


      Not a problem, can I shoot over a flyer for you to check out just in case something pops up in the future? Great, best email address for you? [Add to monthly eNewsletter mailing list where you send valuable and brief content monthly]

      Try this for 30 days straight and report back your results. Also, check out my free home study course on how to 10X your income working in inside sales. Look for the popup on to sign up for free if you haven’t already.

      Thank you for helping companies to increase their bottom line and create more opportunities for jobs and wealth for more people worldwide!


  32. Hey Jim,

    good day to you and Thank you for such a help on this.

    What would you suggest as an cold call script for Courier companies where we are selling Intangible product i.e: a service.

    1. Hey Robert,

      If you have done business already with other couriers, why not mention them in the call. Below is a script borrowed from one of my favorite sales trainers, Michael Pedone from

      Hi (prospects name) this is (your name) with (your company) Reason for my call is we recently helped (courrier name 1, courier name 2 & courier name 3) avoid/cut/reduce/gain [PAIN POINT / HOT BUTTON] and wanted to see if we may be able to help you do the same…

  33. hi jim

    i am preparing for a script however i am not able to write it down … may be i am very new to this…
    script is for purchase department for selling our shoe brand to boarding schools hospitals factories for their employers …
    i need to call the purchase office and have to convince them for confirming their appointments with me….
    can you please help …

    1. Bhavik,

      How about something like, “Hi, I’m Bhavik, and I’m with [YOUR COMPANY] in [YOUR COMPANY CITY]. We help companies to reduce their costs on employee uniforms. I can show you a few ideas on how we saved [competitor 1, 2, 3] a boatload of money on their uniform costs, simply by switching the types of shoes they issued to employees. I’d love to show this to you, and it’d only take a few minutes. Can we pencil in a few minutes for me to stop by say, next [DAY] at [TIME]?”

  34. Hai Jim,

    At first I am thanking you very much for the great support rendering for the new startup companies like me.
    I am doing a software development company and have our own enterprise software for different type of companies. I am very good in Technical and Project management and very success after getting the customers. But I find it very complex to calling new Clients as my nature is very shy and very much having fear of rejection. Can you please give guidelines and advise me how to create a good script for calling a business owner and avoid fear of rejection. My calling script is some think like this. Thank you for your article for the preparation of this script.

    Hai Good Morning Mr. John, This is vinod from Fortune Technology LLC and how is your Monday going ??
    In a short, we help companies to reduce the cost by making activities easier and effective We do this by reducing the cost of operation and through this increase the revenue by 15%
    Would you like to see the idea and know how It works ??
    Is it ok, to meet you at your office day after tomorrow at 2 pm ?

    Do we need any modification for the above script. Please help me. Thanks in Advance

    1. Hey Vinod,

      The best way to overcome your fear of rejection is through repetition. Which means you need to defeat fear by pushing past it. Because on the other side of fear is success. And you want to be successful with sales at your software development company, right? Otherwise why would you be reading these articles and asking how you can get better, correct?

      Now that we’re in agreement, Vinod, your next course of action is action. Pick up the phone. Set goals. Aim for 25 calls before your first chai break. Then another 25 more before tiffin. Then another 25 before another chai break. Make sense?

      Now, that will handle your fear of rejection through sheer brute force. Your next course of action is to come up with a script that will get your prospect’s attention so they will want to hear more. And that’s the whole point of this initial type of prospecting call…it’s to pique someone’s interest so they are open to penciling in a few minutes on the calendar to give you their full attention and take a look at what you’re offering. Make sense?

      If so, then I invite you to revise your script but only after you have conquered your fear of rejection by making hundreds upon hundreds of cold calls using this script and adjusting it along the way as you book more meetings. Find out what questions people ask, and what things get their attention the most from what you say in the first 30 seconds.

      All this is on you, Vinod. But only if you truly want it. Do you?

      Then pick up the phone, and get to work, helping people to make their activities easier and effective.

      Try this for 30 days straight and report back your results, Vinod!

  35. Hello Kim,

    I really like the script you listed above. I’m having a hard time emphasizing this same script for my HVAC business. Could you or anyone in the forum help?
    Thank you so much in advance everyone!


    1. Hey Gil,

      HVAC repair is a little more straightforward of a value proposition (e.g. we help make your air more comfortable) than say, an HR software that predicts if a potential new hire is a good personality fit for the role or an app that downloads the contact information and direct dial phone numbers for people on LinkedIn.

      Perhaps modify it to something like…

      Hi, [PROSPECT’S NAME] this is [YOUR NAME] with [YOUR COMPANY]. How’s your [TODAY’S DAY] going?

      (note: I’ve found that ‘How’s your Tuesday (or whatever day it is you’re calling) going?” gets a more positive response from cold calling prospects than the standard ‘How are you?’ I’m not sure why, but it just is.)

      Listen, [PROSPECT’S NAME], I know you probably get a ton of calls so I’ll make this quick.

      We recently helped [Company 1 and Company 2] reduce their monthly bill to [heat/cool] their building by [X% or “a boatload”]. Since you’re in a similar [industry/building], I thought I’d give you a call and see if I might be able to save you some money off your [heating/cooling] bill each month as well?

      Great, quick question [PROSPECT’S NAME]: who else is involved in the decision making process for something like this?

      And what do they usually do in this kind of situation? Does it make sense to you to have them see this as well?

      How will you make a decision if we’re a good fit?

      Great, [PROSPECT’S NAME]. It sounds like it could be a good fit. How does your calendar look for [DAY] at [TIME] your time?

      Give this a try for 30 days on your cold calls, and report back the results!

  36. Hi Kim,

    I have been looking for a script to call bars and offer paint and sip events in my area. I am super new to this whole thing and really need to land 5 solid clients. It would be a partnership, they would get sales from customers purchasing food and drink. I would be paid from the customers for the event. I don’t want to have to pay for event space because they would be making money from the event goers. What kind of script should I use to make sure that they know that it would be “entertainment” for the bride to bring in increase sales on their slow nights.

    1. It sounds like the main benefit is the bar would have additional revenue from your promised X amount of additional customers you would bring in for your events.

      You might even take it a step further and do some homework for calculating how much on average a person would eat and drink at the bar, and also provide this data to further cement your case. You’d definitely have to test this out and tweak it according to what gets bookings, but how about something like, “Hi, [NAME]. My name is Krystal White and I run a paint and sip company that helps bars like yours make an additional $X during nights that are typically not as busy. If you have a few minutes, I’d like to stop by and show you how I run the program and you can see how your bar will earn additional revenue. Can we pencil in 10 minutes on your calendar for next Tuesday at 3pm?”

      You can even try a version of this in person at the bar (go during non-peak times, like mid-afternoon) and ask for the owner or person in charge of events.

  37. Hello Jim,

    I sure have learned a lot reading all the previous requests and responses for cold calls in various business types.

    I was wondering if you have any thoughts for a cold call script for providing Electrical Maintenance and Servicing of Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Switchgear.

    Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.

    1. Hey Alejandra,

      I find using the “we recently helped [Competitor 1] and [Competitor 2] reduce their costs for switchgear service with a few simple adjustments. Would you be open to seeing how?” approach might work well in this case where you are selling a very niche and specialized product to a select group of individuals, so keeping it simple and direct may be your best bet.

      Give this a shot for 30 days straight and report back your results, boss!

  38. Hi James,

    Thank you for the help! We are Managed Service providers need to generate more leads for sales. Can you help me out in a script for MSP.

    1. Hey Rajkumar,

      You can use the template that is in this article to help you create your own script that gets the results you want. Also, try out a few different versions, and track which version gets the most appointments which will ultimately lead to more sales. Try this for 30 days straight then report back your results.

  39. hello Gil

    I currently got hire to work for a wholesale sunglasses company. Do you have any call scripts for my situation?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Kenia,

      Have you tried using the template provided in this article and customizing it according to your business and the differentiating factors that make other businesses want to do business with your company? Give it a try if not, I’m sure you can come up with a great script after some testing to see what works best in booking the most number of appointments.

  40. Hello James,
    I work for a website that tries to save people money on their wireless phone bill. I am trying to get together a script for company owner. Can you help me out please?

    1. My current script is; Hello_____, this is ________ I am calling because you out your information on __________ website pertaining to saving money on your phone bill. There is some more information we need before we can move forward with making you accurate quotes. Do you have a couple minutes to answer a few quick questions about your current phone bill?

      I am not sure how to approach a company tho, can you please help?

      1. Tia,

        If you have helped companies previously, you can use something like… “We helped ABC Company to reduce their costs on their monthly phone bill by ____%. We might be able to help your company save money on your bill as well. It’d only take a few minutes of your time to see how much we can help you save. How does that sound?”

          1. Happy to help, and remember…all marketing is a test. Try it out for 30 days and track results. If you see a positive upswing in appointments booked, then you are on the right path.

  41. Hi James,

    Great article! 🙂

    I was wondering what you’d suggest for modifying this script to suit door-to-door canvassing/sales of telecom services such as cellular, TV, internet, home phone, etc.?




    1. Hey Marko,

      Door to door is a whole ‘nother ballgame. First impressions count big time, and you have about 3 seconds before someone decides to slam the door or listen.

      Perhaps something like,”Hi, I’m (your name) with (your company) and I am helping your neighbors reduce costs on their services. If I could help you keep more money in your pocket each month and it won’t cost you anything, would you be open to seeing how?”

      Remember, all marketing is a test, and you’ll need to test this and measure the number of meetings and ultimately the number of deals.

  42. Hi James,

    I’ve trouble coming up with a sales script!
    My company is a fashion label, and we do customise tailor formal/smart casual shirts!
    My target audience would be companies in the hospitality industry,banks,insurance,property etc!

    I really do not know how to approach them for my products!

    1. Hey Alwin,

      If you already have some clients, I would recommend the “we recently helped” approach, which goes something like this:

      “Hi, [DECISION MAKER], this is [YOUR NAME] with [YOUR COMPANY]. I’m calling because we recently helped (client 1) and (client 2) to [save money, reduce costs, increase sales, etc.] by [X%] and we might be able to help you do the same. I know I’m calling you out of the blue now, which is why I’d like to pencil in a few minutes on your calendar for [DAY] at [TIME] to show you how we work. Do you have your calendar in front of you?”

      Give this a try for 30 days straight, and report back your results and feedback on this script to help your company increase sales.

  43. Hi James,

    I am with a company who’s doing video productions from professionals at very low and affordable pricing compared to market price which is around the differences of 160%. We’ve got a few clients, not much who paired with us to help them do video. We mainly target video productions for restaurants F&B related.

    may i know which is the best approach to get pass gatekeepers and have them wanting to be my client based on your experience!

    1. Ask the gatekeeper if they can help you, and await their response. When they ask, “Help with what?” you say, “Help me find the person at your company in charge of increasing sales, because I have an inexpensive tool to show them that will help your company generate more leads at less cost.”

  44. Hey James,

    I’m working with my boss, whom have his own personal development company.
    So what we do, is teach success/positive/sales courses. We’re not that good or extreme like tony robbin’s one. But we’re relatively new and we want to build a brand and reputation for ourselves. I strongly believe in the courses and it will impact and change lives. My target market would be like colleges/universities for success courses and corporate companies for sales organisation training. How do i go about it promoting like cold callings. with scripts?

    Looked for alot of articles, all of them don’t serve much help. This i hope can help me.
    Do advise me for target market and scripting.

    1. I would call companies and ask them who is in charge of making sure their salespeople have all the tools they need to be successful in their job, such as training and personal development. Offer to show them some of your materials in a brief 15-minute meeting next [DAY] at [TIME]. Give this a try for 30 days and report back your results. PS- stop thinking you’re not as good as Tony Robbins. You should believe and feel that you are better than any training program out there, otherwise why would a company buy from you and not from someone else?

  45. James!

    I thought I’d be able to look for your help on this simple one! Been thinking about my script, need your help to check if its okay or do i need to tweak a little!

    My company does video/photo productions, we are currently targeting restaurants F&B line, to shoot their introductory video(3-5 mins), and our pricing are at very low and affordable, did a market research, we beat their pricing by almost 160%.

    So this is the script i use to call F&B companies,

    Good afternoon James,

    My name is Alwin and I’m with my company ABC. I know you’re getting a lot of calls so i will make this quick. The very reason why I am calling is because we recently helped our client golden cafe and silver cafe to reduce their cost of video & photo production by around 160%. I wondered if we may be able to help you do the same, so would your company be open to that idea so i can share abit more about our package and see if its a good fit?

    1. Test that script to see what kind of response you get. As an alternative script, you can try saying that you helped Golden Cafe increase their sales by X% (if you have this number). Try these both for 30 days and report back the results.

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