[BOOK EXCERPT] How to Get Past the Gatekeeper When Selling Over the Phone

I’ve recently published my second eBook “Selling Scripts of the World’s Best Salespeople: How to Turn Cold Calls Into Hot Sales”.

How to get past the gatekeeper

It is available as a free download by clicking here.

Below is the first chapter, which talks about how to get past the gatekeeper when making cold calls:

Chapter 1: Gatekeeper Script

Many times, the person you are trying to call will have an executive assistant, receptionist, or secretary whose job it is to screen calls that get through.

Use this script that I learned from Mike “Mr. Inside Sales” Brooks to get past the gatekeeper and on to speaking with your prospect.

GATEKEEPER : Hello, this is [GATEKEEPER NAME], how can I help you?

YOU: Hi, [REPEAT GATEKEEPER’S NAME] could you please connect me with [PROSPECT’S NAME], please? (​Say this confidently and strongly, as if the prospect is expecting your call.)

GK: Who may I ask is calling?

YOU: Please tell him [YOUR NAME] with [COMPANY] is holding, please.

GK: And what is this regarding?

YOU: Yes, please tell him it’s about [PROBLEM PROSPECT IS HAVING e.g. increasing costs], please. I’ll be happy to hold while you patch me through.

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