What is the Law of Vibration?

If you’ve ever heard the term “vibration” being thrown around on social media or you’re wondering “What is the Law of Vibration?” and you’ve asked what that term means, then the Universe has heard your question and is now providing you with your answer.

It’s all about electromagnetic energy.

According to science and NASA scientists, everything is made of electromagnetic (or “light”) energy.

Even solid matter is made of this light energy. The solid matter appears as a solid because it vibrates at a frequency that makes the object materialize and appear as that solid object.

Does this make sense?

If not, then watch this video from my online mentor Jonathan Amaret explaining how everything is made of electromagentic energy:

But let me ask you…

Do you know what else has a vibration?

All objects, events, actions, and thoughts that share the same vibrational frequency as happiness, success, joy, and abundance.

And these are things you would like more of in your life, correct?

Well, here’s the interesting part…

Just as these good things you want in your life all vibrate at a higher frequency…the same applies to less than desirable outcomes that share a low vibration. For example, the emotions of sadness, frustration, anger, apathy, and despair are all a result of a being vibrating at a lower frequency.

But wait, it gets even more interesting…

Another law of science states that like energy attracts like energy.

Meaning, if something vibrates at a high frequency, it then makes logical sense that this energy will attract similar energies vibrating at the similar frequencies.

Are we still together on that?

So in other words…

If you want to get out of the doldrums of life (low vibration) and achieve more success and happiness (high vibration), then you must make the subconscious decision to transfer your negative energy (which manifests negative results yielding negative outcomes) into positive energy (which manifests positive results yielding negative outcomes.

Make sense?

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Looking to increase your success in life and business? Maybe the answer lies in your subconscious mind!

“We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are.” – Anais Nin

Increase your vibration…otherwise how do you expect to align with the higher frequency of the success, happiness, wealth, health, and abundance that you seek?

If you want high vibration gifts, you need to match your own vibration to the same frequency that these things manifest themselves into reality.


There’s an old saying I like by Earl Nightingale:

“We become what we think.”

I never really understood it until I learned more about the Universal Laws and the Law of Vibration.

I hope that by learning more about the secret to manifesting your dream reality, you are able to then show others how to achieve their highest purpose by raising your vibration to match the frequency of the things you desire in your life.



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