10 Proven Tactics To Get More Blog Comments

You can’t deny how absolutely critical blogging is for the long-term health and survival of your business.

This activity helps you drive more traffic to your main website and it brings your company closer to its target audience.

The only question is: how do you make a successful blog?

Starting a blog, writing random posts and sharing few links on social media won’t be enough.

This marketing method requires a strategic approach, which is mainly focused on the aim to build relationships with blog comments.

Wait, why exactly do you need more blog comments?

There are three main reasons we can think of:

● They help you know more about your readers and clients

● They give you constructive criticism that helps you grow

● They make your blog more popular

Are you convinced?

We have 10 tips that will help you attract more blog comments on your blog posts:

1. Be Bold!

Are you going to write the same things that people read over and over again? Oh, no! That’s not a good way to attract blog comments. If you really want your target audience to talk to you, you need to intrigue them by taking a stand.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re blogging to support your clothing or pool building business; you need to deliver a message. That’s what blogging is all about. When people read online articles, they want to sense the blogger’s personality.

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2. You Want Blog Comments? Then Ask for Them!

Finishing your post with an open-ended question naturally leads people to commenting. If you were bold enough with the main body of the text and you managed to write a useful blog post, all you need to do is ask for their opinions at the end.

Here are a few examples:

● Do you agree that people shouldn’t make pools if they are not ready to invest in maintenance?

● What do you think about the latest fashion trends? Do you follow them or do you stick to old-school classics?

● What does your summer shopping list look like?

Basically, you can think of questions on any blog topic you elaborate. Just make sure the topics are related to your business and the calls to actions are relevant to the themes of the posts.

3. Don’t Publish Too Often

It’s pure logic: the more you give your audience to comment on, the more you’ll confuse them. If you publish fewer posts but you make them really, really good, they will keep bringing you readers on the long term, and you’ll keep getting fresh blog comments.

Pick evergreen topics that show your readers how to solve problems related to your business. Make the posts meaningful and different from the stuff your competition offers.

4. Bring Influencers into the Game

Social media influencers are really attractive for the online community. People follow their every step and they want to know what they like. Make contacts with these influencers, but make sure their main interests are related to your business. Engage them in your campaign and ask them to share links to your blog on their profiles.

You’ll start getting more visits and comments at your blog in no time.

5. Encourage Submissions for Guest Posts

Most guides that tell you how to get blog comments will advise you to write guest posts on popular blogs. We know you have no time to do that! You have a business to maintain, so covering every single aspect of blog marketing is just too much.

That’s why you can delegate that responsibility to professional writers or some people from your company.

Or, you can do something even better: invite people to submit their guest posts at your blog. Provide clear guidelines to tell them what you’re looking for, and only accept high-quality posts. You will get many submissions from fresh bloggers who are working really hard to build their authority in the online world.

They will attract their followers to check out your website and comment on the post. If the blog meets their interest, they will keep exploring and commenting. Easy, right?

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6. Get Some Subscriptions

When you’re asking for subscriptions, you should do that subtly. Place the call for subscriptions on a position that visitors will notice. If they like what you offer, they will subscribe and they will respect you for leaving that decision up to them.

Then, it’s up to you to think of an awesome email marketing campaign that will keep them coming and contributing to your blog.

7. Ask for advice

What do you think our future offer should include? Do you have any special requirements?

Now that’s something people will respond to. As a business blogger, it’s important to stay focused on the things you can improve. When you involve your audience in the process, they will love to be part of it.

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8. Kill the Spam

Spam blog comments are comments, all right, but they are not the type of comments you need on your blog. Such rubbish will only distract really engaged readers and it doesn’t contribute to driving more traffic to your blog.

Keep the comment section clean of spammers!

9. Grab Attention

The headlines and the visual content in your posts are attention-grabbers. You need to make them really cool if you want to capture and keep the focus of your readers. Cool headlines and images will keep the readers engaged with your post, and they will want to comment in the end.

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10. Respond!

You’re getting blog comments? That’s cool! But, when someone is helping you achieve the goal you had in mind, you need to give something in return. Respond to as many blog comments as possible, so you’ll keep the discussion going and you’ll give answers to the questions your readers have.

Blog comments are really, really important for your blog’s success. Your blog’s success makes your business more popular, so the conclusion is obvious – comments are important for your business. Try to get many of them!


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