7 Best Time Management Tools To Improve Your Productivity

Time, there is always time on my mind”, says Damien Rice in one of his beautifully crafted, emotional songs.

And he is kind of right because we always struggle to be everywhere and do everything in time, thinking about time and productivity while time passes by.

Luckily, the technology intermingled and gave us a way to cope up with time a little better.
It all started with dates, clock, passed the computers and ended up to where we are today – in the era of time management tools that are often innovative and combine both computers, dates, clock and a lot of other things.

Let’s, therefore, take a look at the 7 time management tools that can help us keep track of and save time.

MyLifeOrganized – a tool that completely organizes your day

If you often have a feeling that you are spending your time on irrelevant things and that you cannot get down to organizing your day, you should definitely check out the tool called MyLifeOrganized.

The tool offers two versions – standard version and professional version. The standard version offers all the tools that are necessary to optimize your productivity and your work, while the professional version offers Cloud services as well as many other options to completely customize your work environment and set everything up just the way you like.

Universal Password Manager – do not waste time on passwords anymore

The thing with passwords is that they get lost and forgot a lot. This means that we have to go through the process of changing it all over again and remember all those boring security questions such as “What is your mother’s maiden name?” or “What is the name of your first pet?.”

However, this tool successfully solves all of those problems by protecting your passwords and usernames (and many other things) in a huge database that is masterfully encrypted and virtually unbreakable. The only thing that you really need to remember is one master passwords that will unlock your access to all the other passwords and data stored in Universal Password Manager database.

Pocket – put all of the interesting and important content in a pocket, to view them later

Pocket is not by definition a time management tool but it has some characteristics of it.

Did it ever happen to you to that you surf on your smartphone but the article is virtually unreadable in the smartphone? Well, Pocket is a tool that is installed on all devices and once you save something in it, you can access from every other device on which you’ve installed it. It also saves articles and other content and you can read them whenever you have time to do it.

Pocket is free for use but there is also a premium plan which offers an ad-free use of pocket, advanced search of all the articles saved as well as additional tools for organizing saved content.

Toggl – analyze how much time you spend on projects

Toggl is basically a tool that boosts up your productivity by measuring the time that it takes you to finish different projects. After the measurement, you are given a complete plan on how you can further save up your time and organize better.

This tool is very useful when working in teams because you can regroup and see what assignments are more difficult and take each time both individually and at the level of the group.

There are several plans that Toggl offers for its users. The free plan is just the basic productivity tool that provides you with the ability to measure time on unlimited number of projects for individuals and teams up to 5 people. The charts and reports given afterwards are basic. The paid plans offer more features and there are three of them – pro, pro plus and business.

There are extra features in these plans that can help you a lot, especially if you work with a lot of people in a group.

Listastic – make lists and share them with people around you

Listastic seems as a useless tool at first but it is in fact one of the best list-making tools there is on the internet. It is suitable for making any kind of list, be it a simple shopping list or a complex list of to-do things for the entire company that you are working in. The ability to share them with your friends and colleagues makes it unique.

However, the downside for it is that it is only available for Apple products. Therefore, if you are not a user of Mac, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, you can skip this one.

Focus@Will – a website that trains your focus

The age of internet is the age of short-span focus. We are easily distracted by social media, wrong choice of music or a piece of news. Therefore, people who created Focus@Will solved this problem using neuroscience and coding. This is not a typical time management tool but it really saves time by making us focus on what we currently do.

The website basically offers music that was proven by scientist to enhance focus by affecting the brain that way. The website even states that it can increase your focus up to 400%.

Dropbox – upload data which you can access from all devices

Dropbox saves a lot of time that we used to waste by transferring data to flash disks and external memory cards and then distributing them to everyone who needed it. It is basically a cloud service that saves all your data which you can choose who to share with.

It is easy to use and it creates a folder in your computer which uploads everything that you put into it.


To sum up, time never stands still and it is up to us to tame it and use it to our benefit instead of complaining how it passes so fast and we manage to do nothing. The tools offered in this article will certainly help you with your time management skills and eventually improve your productivity.

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