5 Habits That Will Inspire Your Creative Thinking

There are many misconceptions on creativity, but one of them is crucial: creativity is a talent, which you either have or don’t have. That may be true only to a certain extent.

When we listen to Mozart, for example, we get the feeling he possessed an extraordinary talent that made him capable of taking a visionary leap. Yes, that’s true. However, the results of his creativity came after a lot of work and effort.

Let’s get the most important misconception out of the way. We all possess creativity in one way or another.

The question is: where will we take that potential? Will we develop it or will we stay in the shade of those who try?

Alison Rodante, a writer for SuperiorPapers, explains:

“Even when creative outbursts come spontaneously, those moments result from a process of committed thinking and experimenting. Creativity is something you can practice. There are specific habits that support the process of creative thinking, and we can all implement them into our daily lives.”

Habits that support creativity? That’s interesting.

Check out these 5 habits you can start developing from today on!

1. Meditate

When you learn how to meditate well, you’ll be taking yourself to a state beyond your usual conscious thinking. You’re not sleeping, but your brain is not hectic as usual.

That’s the state that supports creative thinking. Practice this regularly, and you’ll realize you’re getting some of your best ideas and realizations while meditating.

Researchers from Leiden University found that even if you have never meditated before, certain techniques can promote the creative thinking process.

Meditation has a long-lasting influence on cognition. It affects the process of conceiving and recognizing new ideas.

According to this study, the technique that had best effect on creativity was Open Monitoring meditation. This technique requires you to open your mind to every thought and sensation.

You’re not stopping your thoughts and emotions, and you’re not causing them on purpose. You just sit and let the thoughts flow. You act like an observer with unbiased point of view.

Practice this daily, and you’ll start recognizing cool ideas.  

2. Connect with People Who Inspire You

Would you rather spend a day with someone boring or someone fun? If you had a choice, it would be clear, right? The good news is: you do have a choice. You choose who you spend your time with.

Some people are energy vampires. It’s not a silly concept. We all affect each other with the words we speak and the way we act.

When you spend a lot of time with an energy vampire, you feel tired, sleepy, and unwilling to do anything.

Bright people, on the other hand, make us laugh. We admire their lifestyle. They inspire us to make a chance. Those are the people you want around!

3. Exercise Every Day

Did you know that people who exercised on a regular basis did better on creativity tests when compared to those who have a sedentary lifestyle?

That’s not just a claim; it’s the result from scientific research.

The researchers found that regular exercise had a positive effect on divergent (thinking of many possible solutions for a problem) and convergent thinking (coming up with a single solution). Those are the two components of creativity.

Pick your favorite type of exercise. You may do some yoga before your morning meditation. Try cardio fitness, too!

Experiment with different types of exercise to find a method that works best for you. When you discover it, turn it into a daily habit.

4. Do Some Daydreaming

Whenever you’re performing routine activities such as showering, driving or walking, you notice your mind starts wandering. You’re either recreating memories, or you’re fantasizing about something.

Researchers from the University of British Columbia found that

“Spontaneous thought processes — including mind-wandering, but also creative thinking and daydreaming — arise when thoughts are relatively free from deliberate and automatic constraints. Mind-wandering is not far from creative thinking.”

Daydreaming is like an unintentional meditation. It helps you set the mind free from thoughts about daily responsibilities.

When you do that, you’re directing your energy towards creative thinking. Don’t be afraid from daydreaming. Nurture it as a habit that sparks your creativity!  

5. Stay Curious

The day you lose your curiosity is the day you stop being a human.

People are curious by nature. You know how kids want to know everything about everything. Somewhere along the way of growing up, we lose that interest. It’s time to claim it back!

Wonder about the things that surround you!

Explore new fields of interest and new trends related to your interests. Be on top of the news, and you might start figuring out where the future will take us.

When you catch the present moment and you project the future it will take us to, you may become the leader who takes us there.

We saved the most important piece of advice for last: don’t forget to have fun!

You can’t force creativity through discipline and strain.

You can, however, maintain daily habits that keep your mind free of stress. When you’re relaxed, you have better chances of catching creative thoughts.         

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Joan Selby is a content marketer at former teacher and fancy shoelover. A writer by day and reader by night. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.


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