A Smart & Effective Guide on How to Do a Product Launch Through Your Blog

Running a product launch through blogging is now easier than ever.

It’s the “blogging era”. An era in which everyone has an opportunity to develop a successful and popular blog.

If the blog is backed up by a product launch and with the condition that the product launch is performed in the most efficient manner, the chances of becoming the next “big product” on the international marketplace is not that slim as some may think.

For you, interested marketers and entrepreneurs, we have prepared several key strategies that’ll boost your product launch performance.

Blogging, the process that we recommend, is probably the fastest road towards accomplishing brand awareness and business success.

Let’s get started:

Perform a Lot of Focused Research

Whenever you start launching a product, you need to first establish who is going to buy it.

Start doing market research and try to understand who your specific target audience is. Find a target persona and guide all of your marketing efforts towards fulfilling your ideal buyer’s needs and problems.

Once you know who you’re selling to, develop your brand’s unique value proposition.

What differentiates your product from the rest of the competition?

Make a statement in just one sentence, and let that be your product’s promise.

Moreover, you need to check out your current competition. See who performs best, who performs worst, try to take clues from each business entity and come up with some out-of-the-box twists that could help you overstep whatever it is in your way.

Build Your Product Launch Map and Stick to It

Successful product launches are always in-depth prepared and planned. Your new product has no awareness.

From 0 interested buyers, your goal could be 1 million confirmed buyers.

How do you reach that? Well, you need a map that will guide your actions without letting you slip off the trajectory.

Considering that you took the time to perform the research I was talking about earlier, you can take all of your notes, ideas, and insights and use them to develop a “company’s objective”.

This is your biggest goal that you should immediately split into smaller chunks of tasks and mini-achievements.

Moreover, once you got your goal prepared, you need to look for relevant keywords that you’ll aim to rank for, maybe a list of potential influencers that you can later approach, or whatever you feel it would be good for your business in marketing value.

Set deadlines, and commit to implementing everything you plan!

Understand and Implement Educational Marketing

Educational marketing is working much better than aggressive advertising.

Nowadays, consumers have well-established shields that keep them ignorant to intrusive advertisements.

Well, in order to capture nowadays’ customers’ attention, you can do things differently:

Offer value before asking for something in return. Educate your audience, help them solve problems through your content or assist them in satisfying their needs.

Once you win their trust and also provide value to their lives, they’ll be much more likely to ask for more of your material. That will be the moment when you start selling!

Until then, focus on creating awesome content which purpose is to educate the public instead of aggressively selling something to it.

Build a List Right from the Start

Most successful bloggers and product launches, when asked about their biggest career mistakes, suggest that by starting a list earlier – right when they’ve started – would have skyrocketed their progress towards success.

The money is in the list.

Being able to instantly reach a potentially interested buyer and guide him through your automatic e-mail sequence is the best tool a marketer can leverage.

When you start a product, you absolutely need to build a list before even putting a penny in your marketing campaigns.

Once you establish a good relationship with your list, they’ll be yours forever.

Get Big on Social Media

Social media is definitely the most relevant marketing channel in today’s times.

Want to get famous? Go on social media.

Want to launch a multi-million dollars’ business? Social channels can make your idea viral and turn it into something greater than you could ever imagine.

Your blog is the place in which your content thrives. It is the place that people use in order to read awesome content, and also your primary way of transforming interested readers into loyal product buyers.

Yet, in order for your potential customers to reach your content and eventually your product, you need to find them first and then convince them to follow your lead.

If you manage to develop a high authority social media page on any of the biggest social platforms, you’ll get a huge amount of traffic!

Valuable Content is a MUST

Valuable content usually makes a difference in people’s lives once they’re done consuming it.

In order for your brand and product to grow in reputation and value, the information your “name” spreads should be impeccable.

Don’t create content just so you can say you’ve done it.

The content you publish can be a goldmine if you care enough. Only focus on your target persona, or target audience, and create the content specifically for them.

Create articles that everyone wants to share, because they either provide social currency or they’re extremely relevant to those who read it so they immediately care to share it with their social lists or closest friends.

That’s the type of content you must create!

Analyze and Optimize Your Traffic Volume

Once your blog receives consistent traffic on a daily basis, it would be extremely advised to watch your analytics reports with much care. From a lot of organized data, you can actually optimize your business big time.

You can find dozens of analytics tools on the web and leverage the ones which suit your blog and product niche the best.

Find out what’s working and what’s not, and optimize your marketing campaigns, your blog’s UX, and your message to the public.

Make Sales, Gather Testimonials, Scale The Process

Once you have a lot of traffic on your blog, you’ll immediately start selling in case everything’s in place.

Your e-mail list should be automated, your content should be planned and distributed according to a pre-established schedule, and your product is ready to be sold.

Gather as many testimonials as you can and incorporate them into your marketing strategy. Post them on your product sales page, on your blog, and on your social media channels.

When you see that your results are aligned with your goals, start raising your standards and scale everything up.

If you care enough, you can scale the sales process big time. It’s only hard in the beginning, but once you get the thing, selling your products through quality blogs will be a piece of cake!

Takeaways for Your Product Launch

As a last final big advice, I’d advise all of you to be realistic. After a bit of researching, you might feel like you’ve got it all under control and you might slow down your actions.

It’s good to be optimistic, but so bad to be naïve. What am I talking about?

I’m strictly referring to the need of implementing the knowledge you’ve gained.

Don’t forget that knowledge without action is hardly bringing any noticeable results.

Consistent hard and smart work and good implementation are keys to your product launch success!

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