6 Reasons Why Smart Real Estate Investors Are Buying Mobile Home Parks

Did you know that Mobile Home Parks have the highest rates of return of any type of real estate?

Did you know that Warren Buffet is the largest owner of Mobile Home manufacturing in the U.S.?

Would you like to know more?

Most investors don’t know the facts regarding Mobile Home Parks.

And that’s a shame, because there is more money to be made in mobile home parks than any other form of real estate right now.

mobile home parks
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6 Reasons to Invest in Mobile Home Parks


1. 47% of U.S. households are on some type of social program, and they are all potential mobile home park customers. The demand for affordable housing is soaring.


mobile home parks
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2. There are over 10,000 baby boomers per day retiring, with social security checks that average only $14,000 per year – and they need affordable housing, too.

mobile home parks
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3. Mobile Home Park tenants can never leave – it costs $3,000 to move a mobile home.


mobile home parks
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4. The bulk of Mobile Home Parks are still owned by the original “moms & pops” who built them – and they are able to offer seller financing at reasonable prices.


mobile home parks
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5. Mobile Home Parks typically sell for 10%+ cap rates, due to the scarcity of buyers who invest in this niche.


mobile home parks
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6. Mobile Home Parks are easy to operate and manage – you just rent the dirt. There’s no toilets to fix, or roofs to mend.

mobile home parks
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