Video Conferencing Etiquette Tips For Your Next Meeting

Why is video conferencing so prevalent today?

The time, costs and logistics involved in getting people who are scattered around the globe to the same room at the same time are well documented.

Combine that with the ready availability of easy-to-use software and equipment, and it’s obvious why video conferencing has become so popular!

Face-to-face video conferences are growing at a pace that exceeds that of in-person meetings, emailing and phone conferences.

More and more businesses are enjoying the benefits of video conferencing — the human interaction, the ability to demonstrate new products, and integration of mobile workers into the company’s everyday activities — while avoiding the disadvantages inherent in on-site meetings.

Video Conferencing Increases Sales

The face-to-face aspect of video conferencing helps build and maintain relationships between salespeople and their prospects or current customers.

It also makes training easy, especially when sales team members are in different locations.

In-person sales and training meetings are time-consuming and expensive to arrange, which makes video conferencing — with its personal aspect that mimics that of on-site meetings — the ideal substitute.

Video conferencing enables the meeting organizer to determine if participants understand what is being said, and proceed in one direction if the message is getting across, and another direction if it is not.

Live product demos can be performed via video conferencing.

Perhaps best of all, by making meetings easy to set up and run, this medium facilitates the frequent contact between sales reps and prospective or current customers that may lead to increased sales.

Proper Etiquette in the Age of Video Conferencing

A productive video conference needs the full engagement of all participants.

This is where video conferencing etiquette comes into play.

A successful meeting requires planning and preparation. Setting the stage, appearing professional and controlling the meeting are vital.

For more information on video conferencing etiquette, check out the easy-to-read infographic below.

Following these tips and guidelines helps ensure that all participants stay focused, communicate effectively and get the most out of every video conference.

infographic tips for training millennials
Video Conferencing Etiquette Infographic courtesy of MicroTek

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