5 Simple Ways to Maintain a Positive Vibration

In this article, I will share with you 5 proven tips on how you can maintain a positive vibration to align with the path to your highest and best use of reality.

But first, let’s break things down into their most basic elements.

According to science, all matter is actually composed of energy.

The rate at which this energy vibrates in its frequency determines how it will manifest in our reality.

For example, this laptop I am writing this article on has a certain vibration which manifests it in the form of a laptop.

Even your thoughts carry their own particular vibration.

And if this vibration is positive and high frequency, then it aligns with other energies which share its frequency.

This scientific fact is also commonly known as the “Law of Attraction“. In short, like energy attracts like energy.

This Universal Law (one of the 12 Universal Laws that govern our lives) applies to both positive, high frequency energy that aligns with positive, high frequency manifestations (e.g. success, love, good health, etc.) as well as negative, low frequency energy that aligns with negative, low frequency manifestations (e.g. depression, violence, hatred, fear, etc.)

For more useful information on the science behind energetic vibrational frequencies, check out this previous article entitled What Is the Law of Vibration?

Why is it important to maintain a positive vibration?

By maintaining a positive vibration a majority of the time, you are aligning yourself with other things that are equal (or even higher in frequency) to your positive vibration.

A Positive Vibration Attracts Similar (Or Better) Manifestations.

That means the most important thing you can do to ensure the manifestation of more positive outcomes (such as success in sales) is to take control of the things in your environment that generate more positive vibrations.

How to maintain a positive vibration

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Seeing is believing.”

But what if I told you the key to having a positive vibration is believing you can manifest the positive outcomes you can see yourself having if you do the positive actions that lead to those outcomes. In other words…“Believing is seeing”!

Does that make sense?

Here are 5 things you can do now to keep your vibration positive to ensure similar (or better) manifestations happen in your reality faster.

1. Listen to positive material

Did you know that the average person drives between 12,000 to 25,000 miles annually?

This works out to roughly 500 to 1,000 hours in a year.

Now imagine if you spent those hundreds of hours simply listening to something educational or at least useful that directly applied to your interests and business?

Do you feel this would help you achieve more of your goals and in turn keep you motivated, energized, excited…in other words, maintaining a positive vibration?

Like one of my favorite business mentors, Brian Tracy, says:

“You can become an expert in your field by simply listening to educational audio programs as you drive from place to place. It literally is your education on wheels.” – Brian Tracy, successful author and sales trainer

You can find countless hours of useful audio and video material for free online. One of my favorite inspirational audios I listen to on a regular basis is Earl Nightingale‘s motivational masterpiece The Strangest Secret:

2. Be a lifelong student

The best leaders are also the ones who stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in their chosen field of expertise.

They go to seminars and conferences given by experts in their industry. They enroll in additional mastery courses and learn everything they possibly can about whatever it is they are doing to earn income and support their loved ones while pursuing their dream and creating their highest and best use of reality.

Learning from experts, asking questions, reading their articles and books, and listening to people who have done what you are looking to do in business and life will help you align with a path to success that duplicates or even surpasses theirs.

3. Surround yourself with people who are also going where you’re headed

As renowned personal development speaker and author Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

So why would you spend your time with negative individuals who are not going where you want to be in your own life?

Why not instead associate only with positive, success-oriented folks (aka “winners”).

Like the old saying goes:

You can’t fly with the eagles if you keep scratching with turkeys.

The best thing you can do to get away from negative energy sources that will infiltrate your vibration and drag you down with them is simply get away from them.

This includes negative coworkers or even a negative boss. Instead of associating on a regular basis with these negative entities, instead consider changing jobs or starting your own business or getting into commercial real estate sales:

Try to spend a majority of your valuable time with positive people to continue maintaining your positive vibration to help you manifest more beneficial outcomes.

And that’s what you really want, isn’t it?

4. See yourself doing the things you know you are capable of doing in your mind’s eye

Every night before falling asleep as well as immediately upon waking, try thinking about and seeing yourself achieving your goals as though they are already done.

Experts agree these are the two times of the day when your subconscious mind is most receptive to new programming, so leverage these times to your advantage.

“Feed your mind with positivity and mental pictures that will aspire you to greatness.” – Brian Tracy

This will help condition your subconscious mind, which is only activated by affirmations and visual commands that are received in the present tense.

For more information on how to condition your subconscious mind for success, read How to Program Your Subconscious Mind for Success: 5 Tips Backed By Science.

By visualizing, seeing, and most importantly feeling what it’s like to achieve your goal and performing your best before you fall asleep, and seeing situations playing out in your favor, you will set yourself up to be in the right position at the right time with the right people more often than if you never saw yourself doing these things or knowing what that feels like.

Remember, thoughts carry a vibration as well.

Doesn’t it make sense to maintain positive thoughts to maintain a positive vibration to align with your highest and best use of reality you can see in your mind’s eye?

It does, right?

What kinds of things can you visualize to maintain a positive vibration?

Can you see yourself living the kind of life that you want to live with the kind of relationships, health, commercial real estate properties, and life you really want?

Visualize all this just before you fall asleep at night and right when you get up in the morning.

Combine these visions with focused, positive vibrational energy, and you’ll soon find …you are dreaming your life and living your dream.

5. Take action and do the things that lead to more positive outcomes (and increase your positive vibration)

It’s one thing to simply read articles about how to maintain a positive vibration, and it’s another to actually implement and do these actions on a regular basis everyday.

Maintaining a positive vibration takes work, and it’s not always easy, especially in this at-times chaotic and even dangerous world we are living in.

But as we can all agree…nothing easy is worthwhile, and nothing worthwhile is easy.

Nobody said maintaining a positive vibration to help you power through all challenges on your way to achieving your highest and best use of reality was going to be easy.

Simple, yes. But not easy.

Surely you’d agree that the useful tips I have shared with you in this article about maintaining a positive vibration are things each one of us can do if we are truly serious about keeping our vibrations positive and at a high frequency.

Because if maintaining a high vibration was easy, then we’d see more people manifesting more of the things they want and less of what they don’t.


If you’re still reading this far, then that tells the Universe (or God or Spirit or whatever you prefer to call the One who gives you what you ask and work for) that you are ready to manifest more of the good things that will come your way through maintaining a positive vibration.

“Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it will be opened unto you.” – Luke 11:9

Start now (while you’re thinking about it).

Declare and set your intentions of maintaining a positive vibration today (and everyday) to help you get more of the things that come from the positive situations and positive outcomes manifested by this high vibrational energetic frequency.

Are we together on that?

James K. Kim About James K. Kim

James K. Kim (Jim) is a commercial real estate advisor with Pyramid Brokerage Company of Albany, Inc. in the Capital Region of New York, specializing in helping business owners expand into new locations or sell/lease a commercial retail, office, industrial, or investment property.

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