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WORK THE ROOM: 5 little-known secrets to networking like a BOSS

Like many people, I used to hate going to networking events.
DJ Ken of North Shore Entertainment gets the party jumping!

How to start a mobile DJ business and make extra cash (while having fun)

Do you enjoy spinning tunes, making people happy, and earning a steady stream of supplemental income? Then a mobile DJ business could be the...

Close sales, crush quota, and make bank: 5 tips for inside sales success

Recently, I’ve decided to change careers. I am making the switch from marketing to sales. I made this decision because I want to continue...
social media marketing

How to master social media marketing for small business

What is a small business? A “small business” is defined by the US Small Business Association (SBA) as an enterprise with 500 or less employees....
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The 5 warning signs your business will fail miserably (and how to prevent it from happening)

I have a mission in life. I want to help people live their dream and become successful. That sounds like a stupid mission, right?...
When it comes to making money online with a business, you need to think outside of the box.

5 totally absurd small business ideas made hugely successful by the Internet

  Have you ever had an idea for a small business that was so crazy, so unusual, so highly “thinking outside of the box” that...
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5 critical things I wish I had known before starting a business

  I’m not ashamed to admit it. I thought starting a business would be an absolute cakewalk.
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5 proven techniques to increase Web traffic and make money from your blog that you should’ve tried, like “yesterdoodles”!

One of the most popular articles on The Idea is an article I wrote in the summer of 2013 about how to make...
How to make a healthy pizza: baked

How to make a super healthy pizza that also tastes really awesome in 5 surprisingly simple, easy, and mouthwatering steps (PICTURES)

  Before my I found my current former job as a line cook, I worked for a few months as a pizza maker at a...